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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Monday 4th May


Timetable Monday 4th May



9:00 – 9:30

Exercise with Joe Wicks – Please see link on exercise page

9:30 – 10:00

Guided Reading – See attachment below

RWI - Oxford Owl have made available for parents all the ebooks linked to each RWI level. This means you no longer need to upload the books to the webpage. 

Go onto the webpage below:

Then click on ebooks 

Register yourself - this is completely free.

Once registered you can then open all the ebooks and choose the correct banded level for your child.


Maths – Multiplication

Lesson 13 – Multiplication

LO: To use a formal written method when multiplying.

SC1. I can use an array to support my understanding of a concept.

SC2. I can create a multiplication grid.

SC3. I can use my knowledge of times tables to solve number problems.

SC4. I can use column addition to complete my answer to a problem.

On Friday, we began to look at how to use the grid method when solving multiplication problems.

Today, we will continue to use the new grid method but we will consider how this new more formal written method differs from arrays when exchanging. Hopefully, you will see that this method simplifies multiplication.




From the video you will have noticed that when using arrays with problems such as 3x17= we would find that we would need to exchange between columns. However if we use the grid method it is different:


3 x 17  =










Unlike the array method we do not need to exchange from the 1s to the 10s. Instead we simply create a new number sentence to help use add the partitioned number:

30 + 21 =

   T     0

  30 + 0

+20 + 1

  50 + 1      = 51

Please note that if you are still not 100% confident using the new method then please use your arrays to help support you when solving the questions.

Today, I would like you to use the multiplication grid to solve:

  1. 3x25=
  2. 5x13=
  3. 3x29=
  4. 2x39=
  5. 8x12=

Remember that presentation is very important. You must use a ruler to draw the multiplication grid and for your arrays.  Give yourself plenty of room and don’t to solve too many problems on one page.

If you need additional support you can use the multiplication square attached below to help you with your times tables.

The answers to the questions can be found by opening an attachment found below.


Break/Snack Time


English -  Effective Communication


LO: To communicate effectively on camera

SC1) I can think of ways to communicate effectively

SC2) I can watch a video and makes notes on effective communication

SC3) I can practise effective communication


This week’s challenge is to get moving in the comfort of our own homes and get some exercise. This week, you are being asked to make your very own exercise video. Watch the challenge video below:



In order to make a successful video we need to understand how to communicate with our viewers. To start off with, take a few minutes to think of ways how we would talk in front of an audience, and in this case, talking in front of a camera.

Watch the first few minutes of the video below. We would like you to think about how the children in the video are being effective communicators. Watch the first part of the video again and this time make some notes in your journal about how the children are being effective communicators.



See below for some of the point I came up with:

The children are speaking with loud voices and every word could be heard

They are not mumbling and are making sure the words are clear.

They are making their voices sound more interesting. This is important that their voices are not monotone.

When speaking, they are looking at their audience. When you make your exercise video, the camera lens will be your audience.


Choose someone in your house or your pet and practise using the above points when speaking. Maybe you could tell them about your day or think of your own thing to talk about.



What is the Trinity? – Lesson 2

In the last RE lesson we started to think about Gospels and we looked at a video about the baptism of Jesus.

You may want to watch the video again to remind you of what happened:




In the video there was three important things:

The water

The voice

The dove

Each of these things is part of the Holy Trinity:

The water - Jesus the Son (the person rising up out of the water)

The voice - God the Father (the voice speaking from heaven)

The dove - Holy Spirit (the dove)

The three together demonstrates a loving union between the three parts of God – the Trinity.

Christians believe that one important thing the story teaches us is that Jesus is not just a good man, but God, come to Earth to rescue humanity.

Christians believe that it is important that if you believe in God you should be baptised.

Watch this video to learn more:



For today’s task I would like you to write a short explanation of why you think it’s important to be baptised. Perhaps you have been baptised and you can ask your parents about it. They may be able to tell you why they think it’s important and you can also write about that. Perhaps you can find images of people being baptised in different places and you can draw or write about them.




Experience –

LO: To understand the benefits of exercise

SC1) I can appropriately research benefits of exercise

SC2) I can name physical and mental benefits of exercise

SC3) I can record my findings


Today, we are going to be researching the benefits of exercise. We would like you to research both the physical benefits and the mental benefits. You can present your finding in any way you wish – either as a poster, mindmap, a paragraph or even a PowerPoint.


Singing practise –


Please follow the link to learn this week’s song for our school concert when returning to school:

The songs can be found on the “curriculum” tab on the school website under “music”



Story Time – if you wish to read along to the story please open the attachment below.





TTRockstars Battle of the Bands Results:

Foxes 16,563 

Otters 12,424

Well done Foxes!!!

The Most Valuable Players were:

Kevn Case from Foxes

Major Lightspeed from Otters

Well done to both of you!!!

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