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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

North, South, East or West: Which direction's best?

This experience is all about Seal. We are going to learn how to use maps and write clear instructions to direct visitors to Seal Primary. The children will learn about maps, directional language, numerical order points, imperative verbs and time order adverbs. 

For our hook we used maps to find different landmarks around the school field. We had to work together and collaborate in order to find what we were looking for. 

To start with we learnt about two different types of map. The physical map and the political map. We labelled the map's features.


Abigail's beautiful labelling of the landmarks in Seal Village. 

During this experience we also learnt the skill of using a compass to find North. This helped with our directions when we wrote our instructions. 

We learnt about time order adverbs, so that we could use these in our instructions:

Our Outcome - To write instructions and map how to get to school, for visitors to use. 

From Riverhead to Seal Primary (by James):

1. First go North on the A25. 

2. Next head round the roundabout. 

3. Then turn right onto the A25. 

4. After that follow the A25 East. 

5. After head forwards at the traffic lights. 

6. Then head East at the traffic lights. 

7. Next go along the A25. 

8. Later on turn left at School Lane and eventually follow it. 

9. Next turn left and soon follow Childsbridge Lane. 

10. Lastly turn left at Zambra Way and walk to School.

From Sevenoaks to Seal Primary (by Elsie):

1. First start North on the A25.

2. Next go right onto the B2019.

3. Then follow the B2019.

4. Then turn left when the traffic light is green. 

5. Next follow the A25. 

6. After turn left onto School Lane.

7. Then turn left and follow Childsbridge Lane. 

8. Finally turn left onto Zambra Way and go to the School gate. 

Click this link to see Hedgehog's and Squirrel's directions to school: 

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