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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Our Learning Experiences 2023-2024

Hello, here you will find what we are learning in our main experiences throughout the year.

 An overview of our learning experiences so far:

 Term 1

 Science Heartbeat-animals including humans

We learnt: The function of the heart, the main features and functions of the parts of the circulatory system and also the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the heart. 


 Geography Global Warning--The Poles and Climate Change

 In this experience we learnt: how locations around the world are changing and reasons for this, the impact of climate change on the poles and what can be done to prevent it. 

 Term 2

  History Run Rabbit-World War Two 

 We learnt: the impact of World War Two on Britain, the impact of significant events and individuals, what propaganda was and how it was used, the decisions made by the political leaders during WW2 and how the war ended. 


  English Humbug-A Christmas Carol

 We read the classic story and learnt how to write a modernised version. 

 Science Merry and Bright-Electricity  

We learnt all about electricity and circuits including series and parallel and used this knowledge to make our own circuits inside Christmas cards. 


Term 3

 History-Ancient Maya Marvellous Maya + computing

We learnt: What Mesoamerica was, the religious beliefs and diversity of Ancient Mayan civilisations and how to create our own computer games. 

Art-The fine Print

 We are going to learn: A range of printing techniques, the materials suited and the different effects of relief and intaglio printing. 


We are going to learn: How we see, how light travels and how shadows are formed. We are going to carry out a range of scientific investigations on light. 


 In term 3 we are also learning in:

maths: percentages

 English: Grimm Brother Fairy Tales

P.E: dance

 R,E: Islam


Our first learning experience was called 'Heartbeat' below. 

Our second learning experience was called 'Global Warning--details are also provided in the tab below.

Here is some of our amazing work from our Heartbeat experience. . 

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