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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Pandora's Pride

What would the world be like if when Pandora’s box was opened and, and, and … pride spilled into the world? How different would the world look? What would it be like to live in such a world?

These are questions and ideas the children will consider within our new experience. The children will learn about pride, the importance of showing it and the positive impact it can have within our school and wider lives. They will create an alternate ending to the familiar and enchanting myth of Pandora’s Box. Not only that, they’ll be presenting their ideas in a brand new way- through the use of animation! The children will have to learn the workings of Scratch, an animation programme and will use this to bring their ideas to life. Their animations will be shared federation-wide and will be used to inspire the children within our school to take more pride in their lives. They will prove that even the littlest voice can have the biggest impact!



Take home task: Due in Monday 13th December 2021

Which other character trait would your child like to see more of in the world they live in? They should create a new ending to the story of Pandora’s Box but in their home learning task, pride will not be in the box. They should pick what comes out of the box this time. They should consider how this will improve the world and the difference we’ll see. How they present the ending to their story is completely up to them. They may choose to create their own animation (like we will be in class) or perhaps they’ll choose to write the ending, impressing me with their use of learnt features.

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