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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Pupil Voice

At Seal, we pride ourselves on our students having a voice. We value their views on every aspect of school life where possible. As duty- bearers, we understand that it is our duty to ensure all children feel listened to, valued, respected and empowered.  

We teach children that it is their right to be heard (Article 12). 

How we listen to our pupils at Seal:

School Council - Led by the Rights Respecting Ambassadors, who meet regularly. See the School Council page. 

Justice League - Children from year 5 have been trained to use the restorative justice wheel on the playground. The Justice League liasie with staff to ensure all children are having an enjoyable lunchtime experience.

Learning Experiences - When Year 5 learned about the influence of the Ancient Greeks and democracy in October this year, they wrote balanced arguments about the level of democracy for children in school. They have asked for a shared Pupil Voice box that can be housed in a central space. Results pending...


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