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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Rights Respecting

In 2016 we achieved our Level 1 Rights Respecting award. We are now on the journey to becoming a Level 2/Gold Rights Respecting School. Through our engaging and creative curriculum, we teach children about their rights as stated in the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child. We provide opportunites for children to exercise their rights and to be social activists. Our Children are inspired and encouraged to become change-makers who feel passionate about campaigning and raising awareness of global and local issues. 

Being a Rights Respecting School has allowed the community at Seal to create an environment which is respectful, nurturing and safe. Our Children thrive on a curriculum which allows them to have ownership, to have a voice and to be engaged in purposeful learning. 

As stated by Unicef 'there are four key areas of impact for children at a Rights Respecting school; wellbeing, participation, relationships and self-esteem. The difference that a Rights Respecting School makes goes beyond the school gates, making a positive impact on the whole community'. 

Please see our Blog to find out more about our Rights Respecting Curriculum 

View our video: What does it mean to be a Rights Respecting School? A pupil's perspective.