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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School


Like always, we based our new Experience on our children's interests. The decision was very tough this time, and we actually had to vote! 

Some of our friends wanted to learn about dinosaurs, but the most voted for Space. And Space it is!



We have been very very busy learning the names of the planets, their colours and some important facts about it. Did you know that Venus is the hottest one? And that Jupiter is the biggest? And that Mars has a massive volcano? 

If you want to join us in our learning, you can do it on Solar System Scope. It's awesome and we loved to travel across the Solar System and look inside the planets!

We made our own spaceships using cardboard boxes and decorating them using different media and materials. Then, we use them in the role play area and on our playground to travel to space, pretending we were astronauts... Or aliens!

We practice our counting and number recognition in different ways, but we really liked matching the space gems with the number-rockets! Also, we played 'hide and seek' the rockets, so we had to find them on the playground and gave them back to our teachers, saying aloud the numbers we found!

We did some Sun-related science, exploring the concept of night and day and making links with shadows. You can see us here in the middle of our shadow-puppet show. We had such a good time!


 We also made our own solar oven with a pizza box, cling film and foil paper and, guess what... Just using the Sun heat we were able to melt chocolate and marshmallows! We ate them after, of course...


We had a great time designing our own aliens and planning how their bodies would look like: 3 legs, 4 arms, 1 eye... Then, we showed our aliens on the big screen and explained our pictures to our friends. Some of them also wore underpants: that's the story we have been working during this week. 

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