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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Term 2

This term, we are focussing on the value of:



Week 1 - What does independence mean?

In week 1, we explore what independence means in terms of making informed choices for ourselves. We look at how Jesus showed independence when calling upon his disciples and how important it was that he had people he felt he could trust. 

We will look at exemplifications of independence, and how sometimes we can make the wrong choices, or choices that cause unfavourable consequences. We will look at the importance of learning from these important lessons.

Just as a mustard tree has its own life, we have responsibility and ownership of our growth. Developing independence enables us to continue to grow as we learn important lessons from the choices that we make, enabling us all to flourish.

 Week 2 - Remembrance

In week 2, we consider the importance of Remembrance as we approach Remembrance day. We will discuss how we can independently choose how we remember those that served and died in the war; whether this be through talking, thinking, drawing or painting. We will look at the links to the right to be protected from war and violence (article 19) and the right to share what we think with others (article 13).

Week 3 - Creating a fairer world

In week 3, we explore the theme "banter vs bullying" to begin Anti-Bullying week. We will discuss verses from the Bible to learn how Jesus teaches us to love one another. 

We will consider how education can bring about positive change and reflect upon how children in Israel and Gaza are affected by war, and may be lacking quality education. We will consider how, as independent people, we have choices about how we can help those in need. 






Week 4 - Praying for a better world

In week 4, we we build our Advent wreath and discuss each of the four traditional advent themes:

1.) God's people - the candle of hope 

We will be looking at news items from around the world which need our prayers of hope. We will be reflecting on the bible verses from Romans 8:24-25 which remind us to pray and wait patiently. 

2.) The Old Testament prophets - the candle of peace

We will be exploring why peace was so important to Jesus and why he wanted to leave peace with his disciples. We will be reflecting upon situations in school, our homes, our community and around the world where peace is lacking and what we could do to change this.

3.) John the Baptist - the candle of love

We will be considering how sometimes, at Christmas, there may be people who feel lonely and unloved. We will consider how our kindness can make a difference to those people. We will consider how Jesus showed that loving one another is important.

4.) Mary the mother of Jesus - the candle of joy

The message of the angels in the Christmas story is one of the most joyful in the bible. We will consider what brings joy to us, and how we can independently bring joy to others.

Weeks 5-7 - Advent


As we approach the end of term, we begin Advent. With each day of advent, we shall be exploring a bible story and considering how this fits within the Big Story of the Bible. We will be adding these symbols to our Jesse Tree in order to journey through Advent to Christmas.

We will be making links to independence, and other Christian values and considering what Christmas means to Christians, and what is means to us as individuals.

We will be spreading light and hope during our Christingle service remembeing that Jesus is the light of the world.



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