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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Term 4

This term we are focussing on the value of:


Week 1 - What does compassion mean? 

In Week 1, we explore what compassion means in terms of demonstrating kindness and empathy to those in need. We look at how the Good Samaritain showed compassion and explore how we can be more compassionate, particularly when it is more difficult to show compassion. 

In the parable of the mustard seed, all the birds sit in the branches of the tree - we explore how we are all welcome on this planet and it is our responsibility to ensure everyone is treated with kindness and is nurtured.

Week 2 - Fairtrade

In week 2, we look at the importance of fairtrade. We look at people struggling to meet their basic needs and through our developing compassion for those in need, we explore what we can do to help.

Jesus said, "do to others what you would have them do to you" Matthew (7:12).

Week 3 - Co-operation

In week 3, we look at how we can work collaboratively as a community in order to show compassion and support others. We explore the idea of community and us being one of the many birds in the mustard tree and how we need to work together to support one another.

Week 4 - Feeding of the 5000

In week 4, we look further at how Jesus shows compassion within the story of feeding the 5,000. Jesus saw the needs of these people and performed a miracle to support them. We consider what we can do to support those in need.

Weeks 5&6 - Easter

In weeks 5&6, we explore the story of Easter. We look at why this is important to Christians and empathise with Jesus in the struggles that he faced within the story. 

As we prepare for our Easter service, we consider what Easter means to us and what we can learn from Jesus' teachings. 

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