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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Term 4 - The circle of life

What's the life cycle of plants and butterflies?

This term we learnt about life cycles. We had our own caterpillars to look after and observe their growing. We spoke a bit about Responsibility - our gateway - and its meaning regarding our caterpillars: we had to look after them and feed them once they turned into butterflies.


We discover the different stages of the caterpillars development and created lovely pictures about it. 


We also learnt everything about plants: they life cycle, the names at different stages and how to look after them - they need soil, sun, water, space and air. 


And we also did some gardening, of course! We planted sunflowers, lettuce, strawberries and cress and look after them. 


Our cress-heads looked very silly and our parents shared pictures of them on Tapestry. 


As an outcome of our learning experience, we created a paper plate craft depicting and comparing the life cycles of both plants and butterflies. 


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