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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Term 5

Term 5 – Ready Steady Grow!

This term we learnt all about plants as part of our experience-Ready, Steady, Grow! We started our experience by going on a fun scavenger hunt around the school and found all sorts of different plants and beautiful flowers! This got us all really excited to learn all about plants!

We learnt that plants are living things and why it is important that we look after them and our environment. We were able to explain this by practising effective communication techniques such as looking at someone when we speak to them and speaking loudly and clearly.

We learnt about the different parts of the plant and their functions and were able to explain this using scientific language! We also talked about how plants grow from seeds into fully grown plants and had lots of fun acting this out. We saw this in action by studying the beautiful tulips planted in the Early Years playground.

During the term we learnt about what a plant needs to grow and planted our own cress and sunflower seeds. We made sure we watered them every day and put them in lots of sunlight so they could grow big and strong!

We used all our knowledge to create an instruction manual about how to grow and look after our plants and took our plants home at the end of term to continue to look after them!

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