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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Term 5 & 6 - Caterpillar's dinosaurs adventures

What do I know about dinosaurs?

During this experience we became palaeontologists! Andy, from Andy's dinosaur adventures, sent us a little present and a letter. He left a present for us buried in the sandpit!

And, indeed, we found some dinosaur bones. It was a T-Rex! 


We wanted to tell Andy everything we knew about dinosaurs but we would have to learn some new things first. 

We learnt that dinosaurs were 'animals that lived a very long time ago'. Also, we learnt that you can't see dinosaurs at the zoo nowadays because they are 'extinct', that means they are not alive now. 

We know about dinosaurs through fossils, footprints and skeletons. We also learnt that some dinosaurs were 'carnivores', or meat-eaters, and others were 'herbivores', or plant-eaters, and that they have some common traits to distinguish between them. 

Blunt teeth, normally walk on 4 legs, long necks to reach top of trees, armoured - horns, spikes.
Sharp teeth, walk on 2 legs, run very fast.







We played 'feed the dinosaur', making a yummy menu for both, carnivores and herbivores. 





Then, we focused on the specific types of dinosaurs we wanted to learn about: T-Rex, Diplodocus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and Pterodactyl. 

We decided to put our knowledge together and create some videos for Andy, explaining everything we learnt. So, we used our 'thinking tool' - idea boxes - to brainstorm what we could do on the videos to 'effectively communicate' out learning. We came up with very interesting ideas, like 'use our nice and loud voices', 'good looking' - eye contact - and, a very important one, 'don't put your fingers in your mouth when talking!'. 

And, once we had all the knowledge, we created our outcome 'Caterpillars' dinosaur adventure' videos!

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