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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

This Wonderful Thing!

For book week, we looked at a brilliant text by Adam Baron called This Wonderful Thing. We were also lucky enough to meet Adam himself!


Here we learnt about expanded noun phrases. Look at how we used purposeful colour to organise our ideas!

For deepening, we learnt about using the 'show not tell' technique to create interest for the reader. 

We found examples of how Adam Baron used 'show not tell' within his writing. 


We then created similes of our own.

Learning to learn- We used our thinking tool for the term (diamond 9) to rank our descriptions and helping us to decide which belonged in our final piece and which needed improving. 


We then used an 's' plan to organise our ideas before writing our own diary entry to explain how the teddy in the story became so unkempt. 

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