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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

This is the Greatest Storm!

In this English, Geography and History experience, the children will be learning all about the great storm of 1987 and writing a speech, which will be performed at The Vine Cricket Ground at the end of March. Please see below for the launch page for further information.

We started this experience by going on a 'Grand Tour Of Sevenoaks!'. We saw lots of different landmarks in Sevenoaks and got out at The Vine Cricket Ground to admire the eight oak trees of Sevenoaks. We read the sign under the Great Oak Tree and explored the trees. 

Throughout this experience we learnt about conjunctions. We learnt how to use          co-ordinaing and subordinating conjunctions. 

We learnt about the events of the storm and pretended that we had woken up during the storm. We imagined what we would see and hear. 

Ms Johnson came in to speak to us about her experience of The Great Storm, living in Margate. We asked Ms Johnson lots of questions about the storm.

Once we had learnt about conjunctions and the events of The Great Storm we wrote our speeches. 

We then edited and revised our speeches using a PMI thinking tool. 

Some of us accessed the 'grow' stage and learnt about how to use quotations in speech.

We then identified what we need to do to be effective speakers when we perform our speeches at The Vine. 

Please join us on Tuesday 23rd April at The Vine Bandstand in Sevenoaks to hear our speeches!

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