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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 11th

Good morning everyone! 

We loved seeing the learning you did yesterday and we can’t wait to see your learning from today! Have a great day!  








The phonics session is made up of two parts.  

The first is the speed sound session. Please select the video appropriate to your child’s level (this was emailed to you): 


Set 1: (qu)  

Set 2: (igh)   

Set 3: (i-e)  

Log into the Oxford Owl website and find the correct coloured book for your child. Your child should read the book 3 times before moving on, so that they become increasingly confident.  

Oxford owl:   


You can also access books here where you can log in for and access books free for 30 days. 


If you are in guided reading, please read the next chapter of Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown and answer the questions in full sentences.  We look forward to reading your answers. 



Watch today’s wellbeing session on butterfly meditation: 






Collective worship 

The Woman at the Well





Break time/snack time  


Zoom call  

Use the emailed link to join the daily call.  




LO: to understand counting in 10s (understanding). 

SC1: I can count to 100 in 10s.  

SC2: I know that the numbers in the 10 times table end in 0.  

SC3: I can identify numbers in the 10 times table.  


Watch this video tutorial:




Counting in 10s video:





Task 1 (in the video at 5:35 minutes): play the Chinese Dragon game - (ordering forwards 1-100) 

Challenge: how many times can you order the dragon’s body in 1 minute?  


Task 2 (in the video at 6:09 minutes): draw around your feet write the tens all the way up to 100. How many pairs of feet do you need? 

Challenge: Marvin has 80 bottles of potion, he puts 10 potions on each shelf. Are 7 shelves enough to hold the bottles? Explain your answer. 


For task 2 you will need:  

  • Pieces of paper 

  • A pencil  


Key words: tens, ones, 100 square.   



What do you think is happening in this picture? What will happen next? 

See the source image  





Film our weather forecast video!  

LO: to create a forecast 

SC1: I can describe the weathers we may see. 

SC2: I can explain how it will affect us. 

SC3: I can include literary devices 


Watch this video tutorial:





Task: Create a weather forecast video. 


  1. What temperatures will you see in your season? 

  1. What extreme weathers may you see in this season? 

  1. Can you include alliteration, simile or onomatopoeia in your video? 


For the task you will need:  

  • Something to film on (camera, phone, laptop) 

  • Plan pfd 

  • Clothes you may wear in that season 

  • Other props you may want to include - look at the attached documents 

Key words: summer, autumn, winter, spring, alliteration, simile, onomatopoeia, weather, changes, sun, rain, snow, thunderstorm, flood, drought, blizzard, heatwave, tornado, hurricane, monsoon. 


Outdoor learning 

Watch this video from Mrs Wells: 






Story time 

Listen to the next part of Matilda: 

Chapter 6 -  





We can’t wait to see the work you produce!  

Take care,  

Miss Cuss and Miss Theobald 

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