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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 11th February 2021

Good morning everyone.

Please find today's learning attached below. Once you have completed your daily activities you will need to photograph your work and email it to me. My email address is:

Today's Activities:

9:00-9:30 Exercise and Wellbeing

Please choose one or more of the following links:

Joe Wicks workout – on this page there are a series of short workouts for children. Choose one or more workouts.

Cosmic yoga 




Fun Exercise



9:30-10:00 Guided Reading

Each day, as well as including the text for you to read, I am also including the audio recording of the chapter. You should only use this is you feel you need support to develop your understanding of the text and/or to support you with your reading.


Know (understanding)

LO: To understand strategies for retrieving information from a text.

SC1. I can explain what retrieval means in guided reading.

SC2. I can consider strategies for retrieving information.

SC3. I can retrieve information.


Group one and two – page 159-162

Use a dictionary to find the definition of:





In this part of the text, we learn that the children are not allowed to live with Justice Strauss.      Use the text to help you answer the following questions:

1) Mr Poe insists that the children must be adopted by who?

2) At the end of the story which direction do the children feel they are moving in? Why?

3) You have reached the end of this book, but it is not the end of the story. Using your knowledge of the children and Count Olaf, what could the next story be about? What terrible plans could the Count have for the children?

To help you with your reading I have attached the audio for today’s lesson. For today’s lesson, you only need listen from 15 minutes and 21 seconds to the end of the recording.





10:00-10:15 Weekly Spelling Rule

Each week we are going to focus on a new spelling rule. To help you learn this new rule I would like oyu to login to SpellingFrame daily and try some of the free activities, which are linked the spelling rule you are learning. To access the spelling rule you will simply need to:

1) Click on this link to take you straight to the web page - SpellingFrame

2) Click on Year 5 and 6

3) Choose the rule you are focussing on e.g. Spelling Rule 41

4) Click Play to access some activities - Pease note that not all the activities are free. Some require a subscription.

5) You can also click on view words and print words to see the words you will be focussing on for that week.

6) Click on "segment cards" to allow you to practice the words and spelling rule.

7) There is also one free game you can play to help you learn the spellings.

8) On a Friday, click on test and record your results.


This week I would like you to practice:

Spelling Rule 41 – Words ending in – able and ible   &   Words ending in – ably and ibly


Please note that if you find these spellings difficult then you may look at a different year groups spelling rules and try one of those as part of your weekly spelling task. 


10:15-11:00 Maths

L.O. To understand how to find a missing number using division and multiplication
SC1: I can identify the correct operation
SC2: I can write the calculation in the right order
SC3: I can present my work neatly
SC4: I can answer the questions

1. Watch the tutorial



Watch this tutorial if you would like extra support:



2. Answer questions. Resource: Maths Ppt

DO NOT look at the Answers PowerPoint before working through the questions.

3. Mark work. Resource: Maths Answers

Make sure when you are marking your work you are not changing your answers. Ensure you are showing your learning and accepting and recognising mistakes is part of that.


11:00-11:15 Break


11:15-12:30 English

Show (applying)

LO: To apply my knowledge when writing a newspaper article

SC1. I can use the Five W’s in my introduction.

SC2. I can use facts in my writing.

SC3. I can use quotes to support my article.

SC4. I can use formal language in my writing.


Today, you will be using the plan you created yesterday to help write the first part of the newspaper article. We will only be focussing on the following:




Lead paragraph – Five W’s – Who, What, When, Why, Where

Main body – facts, quotes (direct and reported)


We will finish the article tomorrow. You will then have the opportunity to finish/edit your main body, write the final/tail paragraph and add pictures/photos with captions.

To support you with today’s lesson I have created a video:



There are word mats attached to the class page.


12:30-1:30 Lunch


1:30-2:45 Geography

L.O. To understand the impact of earthquakes
SC1: I can identify different levels of earthquakes
SC2: I can consider the connection between tectonic plates and earthquakes
SC3: I can discuss earthquakes in the UK

1. Watch the video. For just the section on earthquakes, start at 9.37



 2. Resource: Tectonic Plate Map
-- cut along the lines to create your tectonic plate jigsaw
-- consider why California is a hotspot for earthquakes
-- looking at the UK on the map, consider why we don't have earthquakes in the same way

3. Research earthquakes in the UK. Do they ever happen? Why can we rarely feel them? You may want to remind yourself of the information from the video.

4. Challenge. Try the matching task - match the term with its definition. If you aren't sure - look up the word! Resource: Earthquake Vocabulary Match-up


2:45-3:00 TTRockstars and/or Mathletics

Test your timetable skills each day:

Times Tables Rock Stars (

Test your maths skills each day:

Mathletics Sign In


3:00-3.15 Collective Worship




3:15-3:30 Story Time

Enjoy the story “The haunting of Aveline Jones”, read to you by your class teacher.




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