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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 14th January 2021

Thursday 14th January 2021





Joe Wicks virtual PE – bodycoachtv on

Cosmic Yoga

9:10 – 9:50

There are 2 options for guided reading.

You can read a section from our new book and answer the questions that I will post below. I have recorded a video of me reading the text and asking the questions but please only use this if you are unable to read the text independently.  


If you find the task above too challenging, I have found some books to read. Have a look through, if you would like help with a level or a book to read a day then please email me and I will help.

Guided Reading

LO: To be able to understand how to justify inferences.

SC1: I can identify what inference is.

SC2: I can make inferences based on the information I have read.

SC3: I can justify my inferences with evidence from the text.

  1. Why do you think Hiccup wanted to avoid Snotlout at the start of the chapter?

  2. Why did Hiccup not want to challenge Snotlout for the Monstrous Nightmare?

  3. Why do you think Snotlout chose to kick Hiccup as he left?

  4. Describe Snotlout in three words. Use evidence from the text to justify your answer. 







LO: To be able to use appropriate vocabulary to add description. (SHOW)

SC1: I can edit my writing to effectively describe appearance.

SC2: I can edit my writing to effectively describe actions.

SC3: I can edit my writing to ensure I use dialogue to describe a character. 

To start the lesson, I would like you to apply all of your knowledge of character descriptions to describe a person you know. Next, you’re going to critique your work from yesterday, using ARMS (Add, Remove, Move, Substitute). 

Now, using your checklist, have you done all of the things you identified as important?

Finally, I would like you to reflect. Using the title page to help you, have you achieved the outcome? What changes have you made this lesson and why?

A link to my tutorial has been added to the presentation or you can access it here-




By the end of the lesson you should’ve:

Recorded ARMS and the specific aspects of ARMS in your book,

Edited your work using every aspect of ARMS you identified,

Edited your work using your checklist and

Reflect on any changes you have made. 


Break time/snack time

11:10 – 11:30


Make sure you complete 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before going on the garage. Feel free to challenge me!

11:30 – 12:15


LO: To be able to show my understanding of multiplication
SC1: I can identify how to use formal written methods
SC2: I can understand what multiplication is
SC3: I can understand how to use my times tables knowledge


For this lesson we are moving on with our multiplication. We have practised our formal written methods and we are now going to be using our knowledge to solve problems. I have included a video to show you how to do it with any of the formal written methods below. 



I have also included a worked example for you to help if you need. Have a look at the Chilli challenges. Remember if it is too easy move up the chilli challenges, if it is too hard move down. Good luck! 

12:15- 1:15


1:15 - 2:15

Forest school

For this afternoon Year 4, Mrs Wells has sent through a lesson for you for Forest School. Please have a look at the video linked below and work through her lesson. I hope you enjoy yourselves. 



As Mrs Wells suggested, we would like you either go into the garden or watch

from your window and have a look at what you can see. We would like you to

make a note of it in anyway that you can. You could do a mind map with

different animals or a list, to name only a couple. 

If you do not know the name of the animal you have seen, then you can always

look it up on the website below.

How to identify | The Wildlife Trusts

How many can you find? 

2:15- 2:30

Exercise – 

stormbreak LIVE - relationships - 'monkey chatter' - YouTube 

2:30 - 3:00

Wellbeing and Rights Respecting 

3:00 - 3:15

Class Reader




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