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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 16th April

Good morning!  

We’re happy to be back and hope you all have a lovely holiday and Easter. We were so impressed with the learning that was happening before the break and can’t wait to see what amazing learning happens this term.  




Wake up Shake up – please use this time to exercise.  

There are lots of different options, here are a few you could choose from: 

Joe Wicks - 

Cosmic yoga -  

Just dance -  

You could use this time to take a walk/bike ride as your daily exercise.  



The streamed videos are starting back on Monday, so use this time to review a previous video or previous sound. 

Your child should start their phonics session by watching a video which introduces a new sound. The video can be found here:

If the link doesn't work try clicking on this link and then click on either the YouTube link or the Facebook link on the first line. 

In terms of the reading section of the phonics lesson, Oxford Owl are making all the phonics books available online as ebooks. Here is the link 

Once you’ve clicked on the link then click on ebooks and then you need to register but it is completely free. Once registered you can then open all the ebooks and choose the correct banded level for your child. 

This means you do not need to look at the RWI books on the website and we will not be adding any further books there.  

Guided reading:  

If your child is not in a phonics group and instead does guided reading, please find the link for this here:   


Mental Maths 

Play the hit the button game for the 2 times table. 


Problem solving and reasoning. 

10:30 – 11:00 


11:00- 12:00 


Over the next week we are going to be focusing on poetry. We have looked at poetry before when we did our ‘Let it Seal’ experience. Can you tell your adult what a poem is if you think you know?  

Please watch these videos, to listen to some poems: 


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Please watch this video which explains the task: 


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Plaese complete your mind map in your journal.

Here are some other poems to look at: 


The little plant 

In the heart of a seed,                            

Buried so deep                                         

A tiny plant                                              

Lay fast asleep.                                        

“wake” said the sunshine  

“and creep to the light”. 

“wake” said the voice  

Of the raindrops bright.  

The little plant heard  

And rose to see.  

What a wonderful world  

Outside might be.  


My garden  

This is my garden  

Ill plant it with care. 

Here are the seeds 

Ill plant in there.  

The sun will shine. 

The rain will fall. 

The seeds will sprout  

And grow up tall.  


Spring is here! 

Spring is here.  

Spring is here.  

Goodbye snow.  

Flowers grow.  

Birds and bees.  

Leaves on trees.  

Hello Spring.  

Hello Spring.  


Challenge: can you remember which type of poem we used in our cards to Lavender Fields? 

12:00- 1:15 



Cursive handwriting practise (see attached poster to see how children are meant to be forming the letters). 

1:30- 2:00 


Use this time to get even better at the skill you chose.  

An update for Miss Theobald and Miss Cuss: 

Miss Theobald wants to be able to run 5k by the end of the lockdown, she is now running for most of 5k but needs to keep going to run the whole time.  

Miss Cuss is becoming more confident on a bike after a childhood accident which made riding a bike a challenge.  

We can’t wait to hear/see how you are all getting on!  




Have a go at some of these word problems! You are going to need to use the skills we learnt in sharing and our repeated addition groups.  You can use the pictures, or you can use some objects to help you group things.