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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 18th June






Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on YouTube) or an exercise of your choice.   



EnglishSpeech writing 

L.O. To plan my speech  

Success Criteria 

SC1: I can explain what I know about speeches 

SC2: I can include FEARRR in my plan 

SC3: I can plan a speech with a clear and powerful structure 

In today’s English lesson, I would like you to use the time to plan your own speech, linking to this week’s challenge. 

Before you start...let’s recap what we have learnt about speeches so far this week. 

  • What makes a good speech? 

  • What are the key features of a good speech? 

  • What does FEARRR stand for? 

  • What famous speeches do you know? 

  • What makes a good public speaker? 

Now watch this speech from Barack Obama to give you one final piece of inspiration... 


Break time/snack time  



Maths – Harry Potter potions (problem solving) 

L.O. - to solve problems involving proportion. 

SC1: I can scale a recipe up or down. 

SC2: I can use my x and ÷ knowledge. 

SC3: I can explain my methods and reasoning. 

  1. Read the attached PowerPoint. 

  1. Complete the activities set – do as much as you can, they get harder as they go along. 

Key skills to remember:- 

  • Always look at how many doses each recipe makes e.g. makes 2 doses, serves 10. 

  • If we know the amounts in a recipe for 5 people, to find how much is needed for 10, you need to double (x2) 

  • If we know the amounts in a recipe for 12 people, to find how much is needed for 6, you need to halve (÷2) 

Fancy an extra challenge?  Create your own potion and scale it up for different amounts of people. 

The answers are included on our class page so you can self-mark-good luck! 

I would love to see a picture of your work too! 



1:15- 2:45  


Challenge 10-an ideal world 


LO: To plan the structure of my speech. 

SC1. I can use my notes to create a plan for my speech. 

SC2. I can link my “rights respecting” article to my ideas for the “ideal world”. 

SC3. I can use the skills I have learnt in English this week to help develop the structure and tone of my speech. 

Before you begin to write you speech you will need to be sure that you have all the information and facts you need to support your case for your “ideal world”.  

Today, I would like you to look through all of your research notes and the rights you will be linking them to and begin to plan out how different parts of your research and your “rights respecting” links can be added into your speech. You will need to keep in mind that you will need to use the skills you have used in English to set the tone of your speech and it will be the emotive content of your research that will support and give strength to your speech. 

Please refer to my plan and how I have chosen my best ideas to add to my speech.   



Well-being activity of your choice-for example: listen to music, take a walk outside (if allowed), play a game, draw, paint, dance, read.  





Story time  

Listen to and enjoy the story ‘Rooftoppers’ written by Katherine Rundell and read by Mrs Hunt.   

CHAPTER 5- Please note that I had to record this chapter in 3 parts as it is rather lengthy!! 



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