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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 25th February 2021






L.O: To use and apply my knowledge of arithmetic (show: applying)

Success criteria:

1) I can understand which efficient strategies to use

2) I can apply my knowledge of efficient strategies

3) I can explain how to use efficient strategies




1) Play the game daily 10-Mental maths Challenge. (See the tab on the left for this game.)

Select the level 1-6, select the area within mental maths you want to improve on, select the amount of time you want to answer each question in (you can switch the timer off if you prefer to make it easier) and then press play.

Level 1 is the easiest and level 6 is the hardest.


2) Play TT Rockstar or Hit the Button



L.O- To solve problems involving mass and money

Success criteria

  1. I can read and interpret tables with money
  2. I can decide how to partition mass in g and kg
  3. I can add and subtract accurately




1. Watch the tutorial



If you need more support watch the second tutorial and work through the questions set on the video.






2. Complete one of the three differentiated challenges

challenge 1: Green- To calculate the cost of parcels by joining two values together

challenge 2: Orange- To calculate the cost of parcels by joining more than two values together

challenge 3:Red- To calculate the cost of parcels by joining multiple values together.

I would suggest for today to start with the green challenge, mark your answers and if you are confident then move on to the orange or red challenge. 


The answers are included so please self-mark and let me know how you did.

Extension: To explain your reasoning for how you solved some of these problems. Model the stages of your thinking you needed to do in order to get your answers. 




Literacy and Geography

L.O: To show my understanding of the Arctic and Antarctica (show: applying)

Success criteria:

1) I can explain the geographical similarities and difference between the Arctic and Antarctica

2) I can explain about historical polar explorers

3) I can use technical vocabulary


Read/listen to the text: The History of the Northern Lights Thursday 25th February 2021’ and answer the following questions: (Reading focus: summarising)



a) What is the purpose of the first paragraph in this text?

b) The Sámi are suspicious of the Northern lights. Can you explain why and what they do and don’t when they see them?

c) Summarise in your own words the section ‘Heroes Lighting up the sky.’

d) Which of the myths and legends about the Northern Lights do you like best/interests you the most? Explain and justify your choice.

e) Why do you think people believe myths and legends? Explain and justify your answer.


Task: Today you are going to start writing your guide to the Arctic and Antarctica. You will also have tomorrow’s English lesson to complete this guide


Challenge 1: In your guide include at least: both the geographical features of the Arctic and Antarctica and about at least one polar explorer of your choice.

Challenge 2: In your guide include at least: An introduction to your guide, the similarities and difference between the Arctic and Antarctica, at least two polar explorers and another area of your choice.

Challenge 3: In your guide, after your detailed introduction provide an extensive account of what you have learnt about the Arctic and Antarctica, focusing on the geographic features-comparing and contrasting them, historical expeditions, what is happening currently happening there-including the impact of climate change. You can also include an area of your choice if you wish.


When doing this task remember to:

  • Think about what it is important for your audience to know.
  • Use your plan from yesterday to help you structure your guide
  • Use headings, sub-headings, rhetorical questions
  • Include diagrams, pictures and maps to illustrate your points
  • Consider your layout
  • Take care with the presentation of guide- you will have two days to do this task




Tutorial: If you need more support with this task, watch the tutorial below:








Choose one of the tasks set by Mrs Mitchell and Miss Fermor





Collective worship with Mrs Butler






Well-being with Mrs Brocker.

Please watch the video and complete the two happiness worksheets from Mrs Brocker in the attachments below. 







Effective communication with Miss Coleman





Story time: The Kid Who Came From Space




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