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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 26th March

Welcome to another fun day of online learning. Some of you have had problems accessing the timetable documents, so I’m trying this new layout to see if that helps.

Thank you for sharing your learning with me. Your science questions are brilliant! Unfortunately, I made a mistake on the dates of Steve Backshall’s Q&A session, sorry. I will think of a fun activity so that your questions aren’t wasted.

Have fun!





PE with Joe Wicks


English (Guided reading)


Break time


Maths word problems


Lunch time


English part 2


Break time


English part 3


Do whatever exercise keeps you happy. Let me know what you get up to and remember Jo Wicks will still be doing his PE lessons live if you would prefer to join in with that.


Keep reading and talking with your adults, I hear they are really enjoying it.

Who listened to David Walliams yesterday? Here’s the link:

David Walliams


I’ve set you a thinking activity that you can go online for to generate the random numbers. If you can’t go online, get someone in your house to give you some random digits so that you can make up or 4 digit numbers, like we do in class.

So here’s your challenge:

Division Rules

This challenge is about dividing a three-digit number by a single-digit number.

Begin by deciding which number you are going to be dividing by. This is your divisor.

Your challenge is going to be to come up with some rules for this divisor.

Now generate a three-digit number. This is your dividend.

You could use the spinners here to generate the digits, you could use dice or could just use your imagination!

Now divide your dividend by your divisor. Record the answer.

Create other dividends and divide them by the same divisor. Record the answers.

Look carefully at the answers. When is the answer a whole number? When is there a remainder of 1?

Can you spot any patterns?

Can you come up with any rules?

Extension: try this with 4 or 5 digit numbers. What difference does that make?


English parts 2 and 3

I’m hearing that you’re all reading lots, so now I would like you to write a book review of the book that you’re reading or one that you’ve recently finished. I want to use them so that we can help each other choose our next books. So I want you to share what you like and don’t like about your book, and who you think would enjoy it.

I’ve made a guide (separate files) : the first page is to help you think and plan, the second sheet is for you to complete. If you can’t print or would prefer not to anyway, just write your review neatly in your exercise book. I will find a way to share them and we can put them up in our classroom when we get back in to school.


Have a lovely day! X

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