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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 26th Match

9.00 - 9.30


For TT Rockstars can you please do 15 minutes of soundcheck and 15 minutes of studio. 


9.30 - 10.30 - Literacy

LO: To effectively use headings and subheadings


Today you’re going to be applying your knowledge and understanding of headings and subheadings. Please choose the appropriate challenge below to complete in your journals.

The point of a heading is to grab the reader's attention. It should be short, snappy, exciting. The article are all trying to get the readers to read their article.

It is also trying to give a little information about what the article is bout and what the text will be about.


A sub heading introduces the text. This is what you look for to help you find the information you want. For example if a sub heading says All the information about Dogs and it talks about boats then it is horrible wrong! It must introduce the section of text.


After that I would like you to come up with your own small information text for your morning so far.


Think about how you would get the reader to read about your morning, and what information you would include.

For example…




Every day for the past year a unsuspecting man in Tunbridge Wells has woken up to the cries of a baby with the gift of a full nappy. This baby obviously just loves to share…


Then my subheadings could be:

Chaos at breakfast



Children winge at the thought of school work



My bullet points could be what I have to get done today.



Come up with your own and write a non-fiction text about the morning you have just had. Make sure that your headings and subheadings are correct.


Can you even add a drawn picture with a caption about having your breakfast.



10.30 - 11.00 Break

Do something to get some energy out of the children for example Joe Wicks is releasing a work out video every Monday - Friday. Then spend the last 5 minutes getting them calm again. For example is there something they could tidy or draw or sit and read for 5 minutes. It is important they are calm again.


11.00 - 12.00 - Maths

LO: To be able to compare and order decimals and fractions


This is a very simple lesson, just a recap before we move onto something a little harder. Can you show me in your books 5 examples of decimals that include hundredths and decimals that include just tenths. Can you explain as to why they are called tenths and hundredths.


Have a go at the Chilli challenges I have set and see how you get on. Remember not only to think about from right to left and up to down but the diagonal as well.


12.00 - 1.15 Lunch


1.15 - 2.00 - Science

LO: To be able to identify soundproofing


So far we have learned that sound is created by vibrations and the harder the vibration the louder the sound! Today we are going to design an experiment to see if we can stop sound or soundproofing.


The idea of this experiment is that you are going to need a box/Tupperware/bag and something that makes sound (You could use a toy/you parents phone).


 You will put the item that makes sound in the box and see if you can hear it. If you have a tablet there are decibel apps that you can download that will tell you exactly how much noise there is. BUT we will be running the experiment tomorrow today we are just going to get all the items we need and start our write up.


So if we know that sound is made by vibrations, you need to think about how to stop sound - what must we do?

Stop the vibrations.


So you need to think about what could stop the vibrations.

Before we start the write up can you get:

 - a box/bag/Tupperware to put your sound making device in

 - A sound making device

 - 6 items to wrap/cover your box. This could include pillows/towels/clingfilm/clothes/books. You are only limited by your imagination, can you get the most interesting things you can.


On to the write up.


Our heading is our experiment.

An experiment to find the best soundproofing item.



This is what you think will happen. Finish the sentence below talking about each item you have collected.


I predict that…


Think carefully about this section, because we will come back to it in the conclusion.


Tomorrow we run the experiment and finish off our write up.


2.00 - 2.15 Break


2.15 - 3.00


I would like you to practise the challenge that Mrs Mitchell and Miss Fermor gave you. Can you master the first stpe and move on to the second. See if you can really practise your perseverance during this time.

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