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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 30th April

Timetable Thursday 30th April



9:00 – 9:30

Exercise with Joe Wicks – Please see link on exercise page

9:30 – 10:00

Guided Reading – See attachment below

RWI - Oxford Owl have made available for parents all the ebooks linked to each RWI level. This means you no longer need to upload the books to the webpage. 

Go onto the webpage below:

Then click on ebooks 

Register yourself - this is completely free.

Once registered you can then open all the ebooks and choose the correct banded level for your child.


Maths – Multiplication

Lesson 11- Multiplication

LO: To exchange when using multiplication arrays.

SC1. I can create an array.

SC2. I can consider how to exchange between columns.

SC3. I can solve number problems.



Today, I would like you to use your multiplication arrays to solve:

  1. 5x51=
  2. 4x62=
  3. 8x31=
  4. 8x43=
  5. 8x51=

Remember that presentation is very important. You must use a ruler to draw the multiplication grid for your arrays. Don’t forget to leave space for your hundreds column. You must carefully count the number of counters in your grid, circling the counters which you want to exchange. A good idea is to always double check and you can even make a small mark on each one to show you have double checked. Give yourself plenty of room and don’t to solve too many problems on one page.

Challenge Question

How close can you get to 100?

Use each digit once in the multiplication. You will need to try several different combinations.

            2,   3,   4,

            __ __ X __ =

The answers to the questions can be found by opening an attachment found below.


Break/Snack Time



LO: To create a draft letter to fill someone’s bucket

SC1) I can write an informal letter

SC2) I can include things that will make someone smile in my letter

SC3) I can edit and revise my letter


Today we are going to be writing our first draft of our letters to the person we chose yesterday. We are writing informal letters to these people, so cast your minds back to Tuesday when we looked at formal and informal language in a letter.

The important thing to remember when writing these letters is that we are bringing joy to somebody’s life. We are making people smile and filling their buckets. When writing we want to say things that will brighten up their day. If you have decided to include a picture or photo in your letter, make sure you write about what it is in your letter.

Have a look at my example below.

After you have written your draft, we are going to edit and revise. Read over your letter and look up spellings you are not 100% on, change sentences or individual words. We would like you to make at least 3 or 4 changes when editing and revising. Your letter should be ready to write up in full tomorrow.





LO: to investigate ways in which others have had a positive impact on those around them

SC1: I can use a computer to research

SC2: I can identify suitable articles which demonstrate positive actions of others

SC3: I can find an interesting way of presenting my research


Discovering acts of kindness.

Today, we will be using our research skills to discover positive stories that have surfaces to do with the Corona Virus. I’m sure you’re aware of some inspirational stories e.g. Captain Tom who has raised over 28 million pounds for the NHS.

We also want you to take some time to focus on positive news stories. Together with the supervision of an adult, you could collect all the stories about acts of kindness you have heard recently, such as musicians holding concerts on social media or balconies, people offering to do each other’s shopping, or the way communities are coming together to support each other and appreciate health workers during this period. We would like you to present your work in any way you wish e.g a PowerPoint, poster, vlog or News broadcast.


This lesson will require adult supervision. We will need you to direct your children as some news stories on the internet may not be suitable. If you need my support for resources if you do not have the time to sit with your child, please let me know and I can help with resources -


TTRockstars and/or Mathletics


Don’t forget the TTRockstars challenge between Foxes and Otters. The competition ends on Monday 4th May.

Current Score:

Foxes: 14.033

Otters: 10,419


Story Time – if you wish to read along to the story please open the attachment below.





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