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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 4th February


Butterflies and Dragonflies

Thursday 4th February





NB – There will be no zoom meeting today due to the parent consultations.

9:00 – 9:30

Image result for reading clip art

  Image result for reading clip art







We would like to gauge where the children are working within their phonics and in school we would normally complete an assessment every half term to ensure their phonics teaching is pitched at the correct level for each individual. This is difficult whilst they are working remotely but we would like you to have a go at the attached assessment. Please video/audio record your child moving through the powerpoint. You must not help them but can give encouragement and remind them to use fred talk if they are stuck. Please stop if your child becomes upset as this should not be a negative experience but a celebration of how well they are doing.

This will then give us an indication of their current phonics level and allow us to pitch our sessions to support them. We will then assess every child when they return to school to confirm they are working within their appropriate level.



You can find the powerpoints on the class page. Please choose the relevant powerpoint to the colour/level your child was at when we first went into lockdown. If you are unsure please email me


Powerpoint levels:


PP - 1a – (red and green group)

PP - 1b – (pink group)

PP - 1c – (orange and yellow group)

PP - 1d – (blue and grey group)

PP - 1e - Guided Reading




If you are in guided reading, please read the final chapter of The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith and write a book review.  I have attached a book review template to the class page to help you or you can write your own :-)



9:30 – 10:30am




We are very excited to start a 2 day project on saving our oceans. Richie Prior and Charlotte Ede have set you a challenge:

Watch the project hook video:




Recommended start:

Complete the first section of the TASC wheel:




Image result for healthy snack clip art

  Image result for healthy snack clip art






Breaktime - have a healthy snack and play.




Image result for pencil clipart

  Image result for pencil clipart









Watch Mrs Clarke show you how she expresses herself:





Next we have Miss Coleman:











Save Our Oceans


Recommended next steps for the project:





Lunchtime and playtime






Mental maths


Practise your mental subtraction strategies.


Go to:



Choose level 3













Save Our Oceans


Recommended next steps for the project:






Can you unscramble 5 of our spellings?

  1. ega
  2. ghue
  3. edeg
  4. llvigea
  5. brdegi

If you have any time left, can you make a spelling anagram for someone in your family? I hope they can unscramble it!





See the source image

  See the source image







Story time


Story time with Miss Robinson:





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