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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Thursday 7th January 2021

Dear Woodpeckers,

How are you today? 

Well done for all the amazing work you have sent so far. It is obviously you are working really hard. I can't wait to see what you produce today. Remember to keep aiming high. Some of your excellent work with put on our class celebration page. 

Please see the timetable below for the learning for today. Remember to watch the tutorial and read the checklist to hep you. Don't forget to watch the story at the end of the day too. 


Please send all your work to me at:


Wishing you all a lovely day,

Miss Stuart 





Arithmetic: Please complete challenge 1 or challenge 2. Remember to use the efficient strategies you have been taught in class. Once completed check your answers on the answer sheet provided.

Extension: Play TT Rockstar



L.O: To show my understanding of how to simplify expressions (show: applying)

Success criteria:

  1. I can identify like terms
  2. I can collect like terms
  3. I can explain to others how to collect like terms



To create your own questions collecting like terms.

Create a least eight of your own questions collecting like terms (like the questions you did on Monday and Tuesday-look back at them if you need a reminder.) Record your answers to each of your questions and explain how you know it is the answer. You can make your questions as simple or as challenging as you wish.

Look at the example on the website to help you.



11:00- 12:40

 L.O: To show my understanding of how the characters would interact

 (show: applying)        

Success criteria

  1. I can set the scene
  2. I can show the language the characters would use
  3. I can use stage directions accurately



  1. Read The Giant’s Necklace by Michael Morpurgo pages 14-20 or listen to the audio version on the class web page
  2. Answer the following questions:
  1. From reading the story, what do you know about this cave? Give evidence from the text. (3 marks)
  2. What is the relationship between the two men? How do you know? (1 mark)
  3. Find and copy one word on page 18 that shows Cherry is being cautious. (1 mark)
  4. ‘Closed, closed indeed, does it look closed to you? D’you think we’re digging for worms?’ Why does the author use deliberation repetition of ‘closed’ here? (1 mark) How is this man feeling at this point in the story? How do you know? (2 marks)


3. Main task: Turn pages 17-20 into a script. Please look at the checklist/writing frame first and watch the tutorial on how to write a script on the web page

4. Write an evaluative comment linked to the success criteria above







Writing a script-tutorial. 

12:40- 1:40



L.O: To show my understanding of the life and work of Mary Anning

(show: applying)

Success criteria:

  1. I can consider the purpose and the layout of my work
  2. I can select and use relevant information
  3. I can evaluate my work

Task: Using the notes you made yesterday, please present these in the format of your choice. For example you could: create a quiz on Mary Anning, write a biography, create a PowerPoint, a mind map, a poster, a diary extract based on her discoveries, draw a timeline of the events in her life, draw some of her findings and annotate them. You can be as creative as you wish with this task.

Remember to:

  • Think about what your audience actually need to know- imagine they know nothing about Mary Anning and her life.
  • Consider the best way to present your findings
  • Use drawing and/or pictures as well
  • Be the best you can be (Article 6)














 Story time





Well-being with Mrs Smith





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