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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 16th June





Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on YouTube) or an exercise of your choice.  


English – Speech writing. 

L.O: To be able to identify features of effective public speaking 

Success Criteria: 

SC1: I can understand what ‘delivery’ means 

SC2: I can explain how people deliver great speeches 

SC3: I can think about the messages that speeches communicate 

Remind yourself of what we looked at yesterday linked to great speeches. 

Today we are going one step further and we will be thinking about what makes an effective public speaker. 

Please watch today’s PowerPoint: and follow the instructions. 

Key questions:

What do you think great ‘delivery’ means? 

Would a speech be powerful if it wasn’t delivered well? Why? 

Do you know of anyone in history that has struggled to deliver a speech? 

How can we deliver a great speech well? 

What challenges did King George have with his delivery? 


On your written copy of the King’s speech: 

  • Annotate where the King leaves a pause 

  • Annotate/circle the words he emphasises 

Final thought: Thinking about Martin Luther King’s speech and King George VI’s speech, which one did you think was the most powerful and why? 


Break time/snack time 

11:00- 12:00 

 Maths – Fundraising (problem solving) 

L.O. - to identify and use appropriate operations to solve problems. 

SC1: I can organise my jottings into a table 

SC2: I can multiply £ and p by whole numbers. 

SC3: I can explain my methods and reasoning. 

Today we are going to solve this problem:- 

A class of 32 children decide to save for charity for 1 year.  The children agree that the minimum amount to be given by each child every month is 35p. 

- 8 children give the minimum amount (group A) 

- 9 children give the minimum amount plus an extra 12p each (group B) 

- 7 children give the minimum amount plus an extra 24p each (group C) 

- 5 children will give twice the minimum amount (group D) 

- The rest of the class each give 75p (group E) 

- The teacher gives £1. (group F) 

How much do the class and their teacher raise in total in one year? 

Work this out using your own way of organising/jottings or use the attached table to help you, work out how much money is collected in 1 month and then don’t forget to multiply this by 12 to get the total for one year.  

Extra challenge – a local company offers to give an extra bonus of 15%, what is the new total? 

The answers are included on our class page so you can self-mark-good luck! 

I would love to see a picture of your work too! 


Lunch and relax 

1:15- 2:45 

Challenge 10 - An ideal world 

LO: To plan my research for my chosen subject. 

SC1. I can choose a “best idea” and explain why. 

SC2. I can link my “best idea” to one or more “Right Respecting” articles.  

SC3. I can plan what questions I will ask to support my research. 

SC4. I can begin to research my chosen idea. 

Yesterday, you started to think about your new challenge and you began to consider what you will need in order begin your research. Today, you will need to choose your best ideas from yesterday and begin to apply them to your research. You will also need to start to consider how your chosen area of research links “Rights Respecting”?  

When adding to your existing mind map remember to include: 

  • What you chosen area of research is and why it’s so important to you. 

  • Why do you think your chosen area of research should be important to others? 

  • How does your chosen area of research link to “Rights Respecting”? 

  • Are there questions you would like to add to your research? 

Once you have finished writing in your reflective journals you may wish to begin your research and note taking and then finish it tomorrow. 

I have added a copy of the “Rights of a Child” to the bottom of the class page. 

If you want more ideas the please look at my reflective journal and the notes I have begun to make about the subject which engages me the most. 





Story time 

Listen to and enjoy ‘Rooftoppers’ written by Katherine Rundell and read by Mrs Hunt.   



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