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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 21st April

Timetable Tuesday 21st April



9:00 – 9:30

Exercise with Joe Wicks – Please see link on exercise page

9:30 – 10:00

Guided Reading – See below


RWI - Oxford Owl have made available for parents all the ebooks linked to each RWI level. This means you no longer need to upload the books to the webpage. 

Go onto the webpage below:

Then click on ebooks 

Register yourself - this is completely free.

Once registered you can then open all the ebooks and choose the correct banded level for your child.


Maths – Multiplication

Lesson 4 – Multiplication

LO: To use existing knowledge of times tables when multiplying by a multiple of 10.

SC1. I can consider strategies when multiplying.

SC2: I can discuss how to use my knowledge of times tables and place value to solve number problems.

SC3: I can solve number problems.

During today’s lesson you may want to pause the video to give yourself time to explain your answers to your parents or to write an answer down.




Todays’ lesson is a consolidation of previous lessons to help ensure that you understand the concept of multiplying by multiples of 10.

Yesterday, we began to consider how using our existing knowledge of multiplication can help us when solving a number problem which involves a multiple of 10. So for example how can my knowledge of 4x4=16 help me solve 40x4=? We discussed how the place value of a digit moves to the left when multiplied by a multiple of 10 and we used this to solve problems such as 40x4=160.

Remember that when you are solving these problems you can draw arrays to support your understanding and if you are not confident with one of your times tables e.g. 8x tables then you can also use the multiplication squares to help support you.

Once you have completed the questions and you are feeling confident I would like you to try the challenge question.

  1. 7x2=                   g)   7x3=
  2. 70x2=                 h)   70x3=
  3. 8x5=                   i)    6x8=
  4. 80x5=                 j)    60x8=
  5. 6x4=                   k)   9x2=
  6. 60x4=                 l)    90x2=

Challenge Question

Always, Sometimes, Never?

The 30 times table is just the 3 times table with 0’s on the end.

Give a written explanation of your thoughts and give examples to support your answer.

Answers will be published at 5pm. Please see below for attachment.


Break/Snack Time


English –

Learning Objective - To write an information text


Success criteria 1) I can use the features on an information text

Success criteria 2) I can write about the Stone Age

Success criteria 3) I can use my plan to help me write my information text

We are giving you this time to finish off your information texts. We have given you an extra day to make sure these are the best they can be. We look forward to seeing the finished product.




Experience – Watch the challenge video for Week 3

LO: To recall how to use shading and tone when drawing

SC1) I can discuss what a landscape is

SC2) I can discuss the use of shading and tone

SC3) I can effectively use shade and tone in a picture



30 mins - To start this challenge off, we would like you mind map what you already know about art, landscapes, techniques and media (things used to create the art). We would also like you to think about what skills you need and what new things you need to find out. See below for my example.


1hr 15mins – Below are some examples of different landscape drawings. These landscape drawings focus on shading and adding tone to a picture. This is an important skill we need to learn in order for us to be successful. Watch the video below. We are going to practise some of these techniques as we watch the video. You may need to pause the video at certain points. I have attached the timings in the video. Watch the video from the start – 7:25



Task 1 – Find a pencil and practise shading going from light to dark. We are going to use the box method (1:15 – 1:38).

Task 2 – Practise shading smoothly. Draw a circle on your page and shade smoothly from one side to another. If you can, try to go from dark to light! (2:30 – 3:25)

Task 3 – For the final task, we would like you to look out of your window and draw a basic landscape. Try your best – this is your first time! We are going to add what we found out in the video to improve our drawing using shade and tone. Look back at the youtube video if you need help.


Story Time




See the source image

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Good luck!

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