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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 2nd

 Terrific Tuesday

8:45 Time for zoom call - catch up with each other and go through the day.

Getting ready for learning

1.  Choose something from your year group if you feel energetic

2.  For something calmer: pretend you are a cat and do some really good stretches!

Reading and Speed Sounds

Read the book you chose yesterday to the middle.

Set 2 Speed Sounds:  (ir whirl and twirl)

Set 3 Speed Sounds: kn knock knock who's there? 

Getting ready for maths:

Choose a Hit the Button game that you enjoy


Today we are going to do some fun activities with seconds and minutes.

A second is a very, very short time and a minute goes quite quickly too.

There is an attachment at the bottom of the page for you.




Spelling and High Frequency words

Get 6 pieces of paper and write your words out only once.  Put them on the table - ask an adult to read a word and then splat it!

Green:  green, seeds, to, go, are, you

Orange:  seeds, three, are, put, stopping, sunny

Red: huge, shouted, someone, how, were, yellow

Purple: believe, decide, imagine, certain, possible, thought


Forest school - Spring!



Wellbeing - make a bookmark!



Afternoon challenges - book week and rights respecting!




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