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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 2nd February




Daily zoom session

A chance to see your friends, run through the plan for the day and get ready to learn!

10 minutes +

Sensory Circuit or physical activity of your choice

15 minutes


Complete the RWI or guided reading session that you have been allocated. Please contact me if you are unsure or would like to discuss reading.

15 minutes

Mini Maths – TT Rockstars

30 – 45 minutes

Literacy – Our own Nurture book! – Final piece!

TASK: To create your final story either as a comic strip or in the traditional story format.

LO: To understand how to use a  plan to write their story up in best

SC1: I know how to edit my work

SC2: I can use my best presentation

SC3: I can follow the step by step instructions on the video or worked example


This is the last lesson for our Horrid Henry experience. By the end of the lesson you should have your story written up in best to go into our story book.


Please decide whether you are doing it as a comic strip or the traditional story book layout and then watch just the corresponding video.

Resources - You will need the following:

Comic strip writing frame (6 rectangles or zig zag)


Plain paper

Comic strip worked example


Traditional layout worked example

For comic step by step instructions watch this video:



For traditional story layout step by step instructions watch this video:




30 – 45 minutes


TASK: To watch my video and do my quiz about the birds I saw. Then have a go at creating your own quiz about a bar chart.

LO: To interpret data in a bar chart
SC1: I understand what the question is asking me
SC2: I understand how to read the data 


Resources – You will need the following attachments:

2.2.21 bird bar chart

2.2.21 bar charts to use for your quiz

2.2.21 question starters for bar chart quiz




10 minutes +

Wellbeing/indoor challenge

Please watch these videos to have a go at some creative challenges. For the first one you need some paper and pens. For the second one you need a square piece of paper for some origami, you might have to cut a rectangular piece of paper into a square!





10 minutes +

Mini outdoor challenge –  ‘Signs!’

Go on a little walk and see how many different types of signs you can spot. Do they have any writing on them? Do they have symbols? What do they mean? Record them by taking photos or by drawing them.




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