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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Year 5,

I really enjoyed reading your puppet show plans yesterday and your scripts were very entertaining.

Have  great day and if you have any questions or concerns about what you are learning then you will need to contact me directly at:

Mr Cook





Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.



Lesson 23 – Fractions – Multiplying mixed number fractions by whole numbers

LO: To be able to multiply mixed number fractions by whole numbers.

SC1. I can consider which strategy is the best when solving a number problem.

SC2. I can use repeated addition.

SC3. I can convert a mixed number into an improper fraction.

SC4. I can solve number problems.

At the end of the last term we were looking at how to multiply fractions by whole numbers. We focussed on multiplying unit and proper fractions by whole numbers. Today, we will use the knowledge we gained from those lessons to help us multiply mixed number fractions by whole numbers.

There are two main strategies for solving this type of problem:

1)      Use repeated addition to solve the problem

2)      Convert the mixed number to an improper fraction and then solve

I have put together a PowerPoint and a video to help with today’s learning. You will find questions and their answers at the bottom of the class page..



Challenge Questions

You will find challenge questions and answers at the end of today’s PowerPoint.



See the source image
Mental Maths Challenge

Each day this week I would like you to challenge yourself to a mental maths test.   If you login to the Topmarks website you will find the Daily 10. You can choose the mental maths task of your choice but you must try the same tasks each day. Your aim is get quicker and get as many questions right as possible. You will find instructions on the website:

Daily 10

Please note that you won't need Flash Player for this game.


Break time/snack time

10:40- 12:00


L.O: I can show how the characters would interact (show: applying)        

      Success criteria

1.      I can set the scene

2.      I can show the language the characters would use

3.      I can use stage directions accurately


Read the text The Golden Children by The Brothers Grimm pages 4-7 (on the webpage) or listen to the same part of the story read by Miss Stuart if you prefer (see video attachment).


Task: To change this part of the story into a script.

Please look at the tutorial video and the detailed checklist on the webpage to help you. Change it into a script, as mentioned in the checklist-start by setting the scene. As much as possible, change what the characters have said in the story into your own words but keep the meaning as close as possible. Feel free to type your script if you prefer. 

Aim for a page of quality writing.

At the end of your writing please write an evaluative comment linked to the success criteria-like you do in class.

12:00- 1:00


1:00- 2:00


What is the Trinity? – Lesson 1

A “Gospel” is a story which if from the life of Jesus and it is meant to teach us things.

One Gospel is from Matthew Chapter 3.

Watch the video:



After watching the video, I would like you think about the meaning of the water, the voice from the sky and the dove?

To help show your ideas I would like you to draw the scene of Jesus being baptised by John and then underneath write a short explanation of your ideas about the water, the voice and the dove.

2:00- 2:30

Well-being activity of your choice-for example: listen to music, take a walk outside (if allowed), play a game, draw, paint, dance, read.




Story time

Listen to and enjoy the story ‘The House with Chicken Legs’ by Sophie Anderson read by Mrs Woolliscroft, the Year 5/6 teacher at Four Elms School and myself. Each day we will take it in turns to read a chapter of the book to you.






The text for English today read aloud. 




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