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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Hello wonderful Woodpeckers,

I hope you are all doing really well and enjoying the fun afternoon challenges. 

As always, please see below for the learning for today, the tutorials and resources you need. I have included extra support tutorials too. 

Please send me one piece of work today, so I can give you feedback and put some amazing pieces on our class celebration page. 

Miss Barnes and I are looking forward to seeing you at 8:30am for our daily teams call.


Please contact me on:


Wishing you the best of best days,

Miss Stuart 





L.O: To use and apply my knowledge of arithmetic (show: applying)

Success criteria:

1) I can understand which efficient strategies to use

2) I can apply my knowledge of efficient strategies

3) I can explain how to use efficient strategies




1) Play the game daily 10-Mental maths Challenge. (See the tab on the left for this game.)

Select the level 1-6, select the area within mental maths you want to improve on, select the amount of time you want to answer each question in (you can switch the timer off if you prefer to make it easier) and then press play.

Level 1 is the easiest and level 6 is the hardest.


2) Play TT Rockstar or Hit the Button



L.O- To understand how to convert between 12 and 24 hour clock times

Success Criteria:

  1. I can use am and pm to write 12 hour clock times
  2. I can use convert between 12 hour and 24 hour clock times
  3. I can order times of both 12 and 24 hour clock times.


I would suggest to watch the whole video tutorial and then work your way through

the challenges. 




Extra support video changing 24 hour times to 12 hours




Green- Identify changing 24 hour times into 12 hours

Orange-  Convert between 12 and 24 hour times

Red- Order 12 and 24 hour times 



'12 and 24 hour clock face' in the attachments

'12 and 24 hour reference sheet' in the attachments

Maths challenges Tuesday 2nd March in the attachments

Maths challenges ANSWERS Tuesday 2nd March 2021 in the attachments



Extension: To write your own questions converting 12 hour-24 hour times and

explain how to solve them. Again, you could include misconceptions that could 

arise too. 


Remember to write your evaluative comment linked to the success criteria.





L.O: I can show my understanding of imagery (show: applying)

1) I can use similes and metaphors in my writing

2) I can use personification in my writing

3) I can use hyperbole and allusion in my writing 


Task: To write a letter home retelling the events from one of the character’s perspectives using figurative language.



  1. To read ‘The second voyage of Sindbad the sailor text’ in the attachments or listen to a version of the story. 






Extra support: There is also an easier version of the story provided as an animation if you prefer-watch from 2:30




  1. Answer the following questions: (Reading focus: inference)
  1. When Sindbad ‘hastily collected what remained of his provisions,’ what can you infer?
  2. ‘I descended so swiftly that I almost lost consciousness.’ What can you infer from this sentence?
  3. If Sindbad hadn’t fallen asleep he would never have found The Valley of Diamonds. Do you agree? Use evidence from the text to support your arguments.
  4. In this story Sindbad shows the characteristic of determination. Do you agree? Use evidence from the text to support your arguments.


  1. Watch the tutorial.




For extra support: Watch the second tutorial.



Challenge 1: To write a letter from Sindbad, using figurative language.

Challenge 2: To write a letter from one of the merchant sailors who found Sindbad in the Valley of Diamonds using figurative language

Challenge 3: To write a letter from the roc bird’s perspective, explaining what has happened and using figurative language throughout including using hyperbole and allusion.


Remember to:

  • Aim for a page of quality writing/you can type your letter if you prefer
  • Use the checklist to help you for a modelled guide
  • Really think about the character you have chosen would want to include in their letter and how they would express themselves.


Extension: Do you think Sindbad should have taken diamonds from The Valley of Diamonds? List bullet points for taking the diamonds and also against taking the diamonds.


  1. Write your evaluative comment linked to the success criteria.




Choose one of the five tasks set by Mrs Mitchell and Miss Fermor.



Please see the activities in the attachments below-'week 2 afternoon challenges.'








collective worship





Story time




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