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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 31st March

Thank you to those of you who sent me your work, I have sent you each an email with my comments.

Have fun!




PE with Joe Wicks or an exercise of your choice.


English (Guided reading)


Break time


English (writing)


Lunch time


Maths - measurements


Break time


2020 Experience


Do whatever exercise keeps you happy. Let me know what you get up to and remember Jo Wicks will still be doing his PE lessons live if you would prefer to join in with that.


Our new book is The Adventures of Odysseus.

I’d like you to read the Prologue to our story. A prologue is an extended introduction to a literary, dramatic or musical work; so in this case it relates to events before the main story in our new book.

Your task is to:

  • summarise the main points of the prologue as you go along, using the note-taking skills we’ve been developing.
  • Re-write the passage, in your own words.

This will really help you to understand the background to our story and will mean you will enjoy it even more.

Your challenge question, once you’ve completed the main tasks is this:

  • Which offer do you think Paris will accept? Why do you think that?


Some of you still haven’t completed your Mathletics challenge from yesterday, please do so.

Your challenge today is to fill in the blanks on the table below. Watch the video, and look at the answer I’ve modelled for you. If you get stuck after having a proper go, get your adult to email me with a phone number and I will call you to explain and answer your questions.

Video link:

convert measurements guide

 L.O: I can convert units of measure

  1. Mathletics (your login is in your journal) Please complete the assigned Mathletics tasks on units of measures.
  2. Complete the chart, converting between grams (g) and kilograms (kg). Accuracy is key, so don’t rush and check your work carefully.
  3. If you’ve done all of that, have a go at the challenge questions.


LO - To know how to use decimal notation when recording measures

Can you now write mass in three ways and convert between them?

Complete the table – I’ve done the first one for you (in blue)


Kg and g





1kg 250g


















2Kg 400g

















3Kg 175g











1kg 90g





















2020 Experience


There is a new video from Miss Fermor and Mrs Mitchell on the website, please study and follow the instructions.

Yesterday we looked at the design element and skills, today we are going to move onto evaluating (remember our TASC wheel on our window). In other words,

  • reflect on all the ideas you’ve had,
  • consider what you like and don’t like,
  • decide on what you are going to do and
  • write an evaluation, explaining why that is the best idea.
  • Have a look at my journal where I have modelled this stage for you.

The value to focus on is aspiration.

Remember to consider your layout and presentation-aim high like you do in your learning journals at school.  I will also be doing this challenge too and keep you posted with photographs etc, don’t forget to send me your photographs of you learning your new skills. See mine below for some ideas, I’m sure you can be even more creative!

Have a lovely day! X






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