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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 5th

Good morning everyone,  

I loved seeing the learning you did yesterday and can’t wait to see what brilliant learning you do today! 







The phonics session is made up of two parts.  

The first is the speed sound session. Please select the video appropriate to your child’s level (this was emailed to you): 


Set 1: (m)  


Set 2: (ay)   


Set 3: (u-e)  


The second is the reading. You will need to log into the Oxford Owl website and find the correct coloured book for your child. Your child should read the book 3 times before moving on, so that they become increasingly confident.  

Oxford owl:   


If you are in guided reading, we are going to start a new book – George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.  

Please read the first chapter and answer the questions.  Please ask a grown up if you are stuck on any words and try and answer in full sentences. 



Measurement length and height 

LO: to understand measurement 

SC1: I understand what length and height mean 

SC2: I can list words that describe length and height 

SC3: I can record lengths and heights 


This week we are going to be looking at measurement. Measurement is a number that shows the size or amount of something.  


Length or height? 

Lengths are usually measured sideways like this snake. 

Heights are measured upwards, like this giraffe. 



Key words to describe length and height 

Tall and Long  




Your task is to find the objects in the table below. Then you need to measure them. You do not need a ruler for this. You can use an object to help you measure.  


For example, my pencil is 7 paper clips long. 

However, you MUST use the same measurement object for all the objects eg. paper clips. 




Challenge fill in the lengths with a ruler as well 


5 paper clips 















Reflection: Was the object you used to measure easy to use when you measured the table? Why?  


Rulers have different numbers and come in different sizes. Why do you think this is? 



Break time/snack time  



LO: to understand the purpose of suffixes.  

SC1: I can describe what a plural is.  

SC2: I can identify correct word endings.  

SC3: I can explain the difference between singular and plural. 


This week we are going to be learning about suffixes, this is when we add letters to the end of a word to change the meaning.  


Today we are going to be learning about plurals.  


A plural is when we take a singular word and add an ‘s’ or an ‘es’ to the end of the word, to create a word that means more than one.  


Here is an example: 

Tree – trees  


This video explains plurals: 


 Watch this video tutorial (you will need some paper and a pencil):


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  • Write what a plural is.  

  • Give 3 examples of singular words that you have made into plurals. Example: Bird – birds 

  • Can you think of a time when you would use plurals? Example: on a shopping list.  



Gather groups of objects from around your house. Label them using the correct plural – is it an ‘s’ word or an ‘es’ word?  

Remember hissing sounds like s, ch, sh, ss, x, z need an ‘es’ on the end. 


Challenge: can you think of any words that don’t need a plural added but they mean a group of objects? Here’s a clue ‘fish’.  

Key words: suffix, plural, singular.  





Please watch the video. Then have a think about any New Year's resolutions you’ve made this year.  

What are they? Have you done well so far?  

If you haven't thought of a new year's resolution you could start one today! 



LO: to understand the countries of the UK 

SC1: I know what a country is.   

SC2: I know UK stands for United Kingdom.  

SC3: I can list the countries in the United Kingdom.  


During this experience we are going to be learning about the UK. Miss Theobald and Miss Cuss really want a holiday in the summer, but they don’t want to go too far. They would like to go somewhere in the United Kingdom. Throughout the experience we are going to be learning all about the UK, so that you can help us choose where to go.