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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Tuesday 5th May 2020















Hello Kingfishers,

I hope you are all doing well. 

Today you have a lesson set by Mrs Brooker on well-being, comparing and ordering fractions in maths and continuing with challenge 5. The timetable and all the resources you need are below and on the tabs on the left. Remember to watch the videos to help you.

Please send me your work once it is completed, so I can see how you are doing, give you feedback and put some excellent work on your celebration page. 

Any problems or questions please contact me.

Wishing you a lovely day,

Miss Stuart 





Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.


Mrs Brocker’s well-being lesson


L.O: I understand the characteristic of anger

Success criteria:

1)      I understand what anger is

2)      I can decide whether statements apply to me

3)      I can reflect on how I feel when I am frustrated



Please look at the attachment, its title is Reaction Time. It's an anger questionnaire.
1) Write out the statements that reflect how you specifically feel when you become frustrated.
2) Please place a star beside 3 statements that cause you the biggest problems


Break time/snack time

10:30- 11:30


Lesson 12 – Fractions – Compare and Order Fractions (More than 1)

LO: To be able to compare mixed number fractions

SC1. I can explain what a mixed number fraction is.

SC2. I can use my time tables to find a common denominator.

SC3. I can use my knowledge to compare mixed number fractions.

During yesterday’s lesson you used your knowledge of comparing fractions and finding common denominators to help compare improper fractions. Today, you will be using the same skills to help compare mixed number fractions.

To support your understanding of the concepts I have provided a video and a PowerPoint.




Today, I would like you to compare mixed number fractions. Questions are attached ato the PowerPoint.

Challenge Questions

If you would like a challenge today there are also questions on today’s PowerPoint.

All answers can be found at the end of today’s PowerPoint.


Well-being activity of your choice-for example: listen to music, take a walk outside (if allowed), play a game, draw, paint, dance, read.




Challenge 5

L.O: I understand the importance of a warm up activities (understand: know)

Success criteria:

1)      I understand why it is important to warm up before exercising

2)      I understand how to create a warm up activity

3)      I can plan and design my own warm up activity


Today you are going to find out why it is important to warm up before doing any form of exercise, what to consider when creating your own warm up and plan and create your own warm up for your exercise video.


1)      Read Why it is important to warm up

2)      Read 7 Steps to a good warm up

3)      Watch the warm up exercise videos on the web site ‘5 minute warm up exercises’ and ‘warm up video example’

4)      Plan and create your warm up for your exercise video

Top tips:

·       Aim to make your warm up about 5 minutes-don’t make it too short or too long.

·       Demonstrate/model how to do each exercise in your warm up and explain why it is important and how it helps your body

·       Do a range of different warm up exercises-keep them varied and short so your target audience don’t get bored.






Story time

Listen to and enjoy the story ‘The House with Chicken Legs’ by Sophie Anderson. Each day Mrs Wooliscroft and I will take it in turns to read a chapter of the book to you.


The story is also available on the tab on the left.

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