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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

WB 13/04/2020

Our aim is for every child to progress so that they reach the expected standard for their year group by July 2020. Your child’s progress towards this is indicated by a colour.

It would be great if you could take part in our whole school learning experience '2020 A Year of Change'. This can be approached in many different ways - through photographs, a video, a diary  etc... and then uploaded to Tapestry.

At school we have long sessions of 'Inspired Play' and this can be replicated at home by you spending time playing with your child. Again, we would love for photos to be uploaded to Tapestry which will count towards their learning. We will then be able to comment and support with next steps.

Could you please also share and read books daily and join in with the Ruth Miskin Phonics sessions each morning at 9:30. Please contact us via e-mail or Tapestry if you would like ideas for how to approach this.

Also a daily maths activity which could be number formation, adding and subtracting, counting... creating number stories... Maths is all around us! We will put maths suggestions each day on tapestry to support your home learning.

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