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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 13th

Good morning everyone,  

We loved seeing the learning you did yesterday and can’t wait to see what brilliant learning you do today! 







The phonics session is made up of two parts.  

The first is the speed sound session. Please select the video appropriate to your child’s level (this was emailed to you): 

Set 1: p 

Set 2: ar  

Set 3: e-e 

The second is the reading. You will need to log into the Oxford Owl website and find the correct coloured book for your child. Your child should read the book 3 times before moving on, so that they become increasingly confident.  

Oxford owl:   


If you are in guided reading, please read the next chapter of George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and answer the questions in full sentences.  We look forward to reading your answers. 



LO: to find the difference. 

SC1: I can recall what difference means. 

SC2: I can find change (difference). 

SC3: I can solve money problems. 

We have been looking at money. Today we are going to be looking at finding change.

Please watch this video:


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What you will need:  

  • A pencil and paper 

  • The PDF tasks attached as jpegs. 

  • Money to help (if you have some – do not worry if you don’t). 


Challenge: Problem solving. 

Key vocabulary: coin, penny, pound, total, amount 


Break time/snack time   



Northern Ireland  

LO: to know about the countries in the UK. 

SC1: I can find Northern Ireland on a map of the UK. 

SC2: I can name the capital of Northern Ireland.  

SC3: I can list Northern Ireland’s key features.  


Can you find Nortern Ireland?  


Northern Ireland is on its own island. Can you spot it? 

Northern Ireland is only the top of the island, the rest is called Ireland and is not part of the UK.  


This is the flag of Northern Ireland is called the St Patrick’s Saltire

See the source image


Watch this video which shows you a little bit of Belfast:  


Northern Ireland’s capital city is Belfast.  

See the source imageBelfast 


Northern Ireland is made up of lots of different places.  

Villages, towns and cities.  

Look at the pictures.  

Which place would you like to visit most? 


See the source imageCarrick-a-Rede rope bridge