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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 17th June




Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.



Lesson 1 – Percentages- Understanding Percentages

LO: To be able to explain what a percentage is.

SC1. I can consider what a percentage is.

SC2. I can recognise a percentage as being part of a 100.

SC3. I can represent percentages as part of a 100-grid.

Today, we are going to look at a new subject; percentages or %. We are going to consider what a % is and how to represent it on a 100-grid.


I have a video and PowerPoint for today’s lesson:

In this video you just need to watch up to 1 minute 38 seconds:



There is a worksheet at the bottom of the class page with questions and answers.


There is also an online quiz:


Challenge Questions

There are challenge questions and their answers at the end of the PowerPoint.


Break time/snack time

10:30- 12:00

English – The House with Chicken Legs/Speech writing 

L.O. To write a speech from a character’s perspective 

SC1: I can select appropriate vocabulary 

SC2: I can show my understanding of a great speech 

SC3: I can use FEARRR to ensure my speech is powerful 


Today you will be linking what you have learnt about great speeches and your understanding of Marinka from ‘The House with Chicken Legs’. 


Let’s remind ourselves about what makes an effective speech... 

  • Use of FEARRR 

  • Great delivery 

  • Encouraging people 

  • Making people change their minds 

  • Encouraging people 

Please watch this clip of Greta Thunberg’s speech to world leaders: 


As you watch... THINK..What do you think of her delivery? How does she make you feel? Does she do a good job? Why? 




Now, let’s think back to the text "The House with Chicken Legs".

In the story, Marinka dreams of having a normal life (see chapter 1 attached below). I want you to write a speech about her wanting a normal life and not wanting to be the next guardian. You will need to use all the speech writing skills you have learnt about to help you write this speech. Remember, that it is your role to persuade others that Marinka should have a normal life.

There is a writing frame attached below to help guide you on how to structure your speech. 




Challenge 10

LO: To research my chosen idea.

SC1. I can apply my questions to aid my research.

SC2. I can use online research tools effectively and appropriately.

SC3. I can make notes about my chosen subject.

Today, you will begin to research your chosen topic for your “ideal world” speech. Even if you began to research yesterday, you will continue today and add to the notes you have already taken. Your focus for your notes, to help with your speech, should be:


·       a)What do I want to tell my chosen audience?

Here you should be thinking about what information you want to give to your audience.


·       b)What questions do I think my chosen audience will have?

Your speech should show that you have conducted thorough research and that you have facts to support your arguments.


·       c)How can I engage my audience and make them believe in my “ideal world”.

Here you should use certain key facts which will trigger an audiences emotions and make them believe that your “ideal world” ideas are very important and that they cannot ignore them.


If you would like some additional support I have added some notes to my reflective journal example.


Well-being. Please do an activity of your choice, for example: learning the new school song on the website under music, read, draw, take a walk, play a game.





Story time

Listen to and enjoy the story.





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