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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 1st April

Thank you to those of you who sent me your work, I have sent you each another email with my comments.

Have fun!




PE with Joe Wicks or an exercise of your choice.


English (Guided reading)


Break time


English (planning and writing)


Lunch time


Maths - measurements


Break time


English (writing)


Do whatever exercise keeps you happy. Let me know what you get up to and remember Jo Wicks will still be doing his PE lessons live if you would prefer to join in with that.

English - reading

The Adventures of Odysseus.

Read the ‘The Stranger’, which is the first chapter of our book. When you have read it through, answer these questions in your book:

  1. Who do you think the stranger is who washes up on the island?
  2. What evidence do you have for that?
  3. How long has Odysseus been away?
  4. What does the stranger do when he hears the song?

Your challenge question, once you’ve completed the main tasks is this:

5. Why do you think the stranger reacts like that?

English – writing planning

Having read the Stranger, we’re going to write a letter in role to Odysseus from Penelope.  That means you need to

  • imagine you are Penelope and
  • write the letter how you think she would.
  • You’ll need to capture her situation and emotions (longing, despair, hope etc).
  • Then record your ideas for plan using the worksheet I’ve made – your plan should be like a mind map. 
  • I suggest you use headings to group information into paragraph groups e.g.
    • My situation – suitors, weaving, Telemachus now a man
    • My worries – I will have to wed, Odysseus will never return
    • My thoughts – questions for Odysseus
    • My hopes – pray for his safe return

Challenge: start to plan for powerful vocabulary- lonely, abandoned, isolated, doomed, mocking, insolent etc.

English – writing

Now you’ll need to write your actual letter. I want your highest quality work, so use any time you have this morning and I’ve allocated more time this afternoon. I’ve written a letter which you can use as a model, and pinch any bits which you think work well – but don’t just copy what I’ve written. Use your plan and structure it into separate paragraphs (sections). This is what you’ll need to include, and add your own ideas too:

Paragraph 1: Introduction – why I am writing (wherever you are)

Paragraph 2: My situation – Telemachus now a man, insolent suitors, weaving, gazing out to sea

Paragraph 3: Worries

Paragraph 4: Thoughts and questions

Paragraph 5: My hopes


Well done with your measurement work yesterday, you’re making good progress. I’ve set you a different challenge today, which should help secure your learning (in other words, make sure you’re feeling confident that you can do this): to answer the questions on the first sheet and have a go at the extension challenges. Watch the video again if you need to, and look at the answer I’ve modelled for you on each section.

Video link:

convert measurements guide

Mental Maths

I’m going to be online in TTrockstars from 2.45 until 3.15, so I challenge you to join in and see if you can beat me. My icon is ‘Ace Geils’, and I will be in ‘Arena’ ‘Wembley’. I will give 10 happy marks to anyone who can beat me, and 2 Marbles for the pupil with the best score. Bring it on!

Have a fun day! X

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