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Wednesday 24th February


Wednesday 24th February

Butterflies and Dragonflies





9:00 – 9:15




Daily Teams Meeting



9:15 – 10:00

Image result for reading clip art

  Image result for reading clip art









Please take part in the relevant speed sound lesson:

Set 2 lessons (pink and orange groups)






Set 3 lessons (yellow, blue and grey groups)




Please email your teacher to find out which group your child is in if you are not sure.

Then, read a book to practise your reading. Use the Oxford Owl e-books or the books on the website under: classes, key stage 1 reading.

Read each book 3 times over 3 days as follows:

1st day – read to decode the words and make sure you can read every word in the book.


2nd day – read the book again and try to read with fluency and expression.


3rd day – read the book again and answer the comprehension questions at the end.


If you are in guided reading, please read chapter 3 of ‘The Worst Witch’ by Jill Murphy and answer the questions in full sentences.  We look forward to reading your answers.




Image result for times tables clip art10:00-10:15





Mental Arithmetic


Doubles are when we add the same number to itself, for example 4 + 4


Then practise your doubles on hit the button: Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practice for 5-11 year olds (


Click ‘doubles’ and practise doubles 5-15.

Then practise doubles 10-20.


If this is too easy, have a go at doubles to 50 or doubles from 50-100.







Image result for relax clip artWatch Mrs Smith’s wellbeing session:





Image result for healthy snack clip art

  Image result for healthy snack clip art







Breaktime - have a healthy snack and play.


Image result for maths






L.O. To use different strategies to check answers (analysing)

SC1: I can list different strategies.

SC2: I can choose different strategies to use.

SC3: I can justify why I chose that strategy for a particular calculation.


Watch today’s video tutorial:




Task 1 at 1:09: calculate 38 + 43 and then use the inverse to check your answer.


Task 2 at 4:58: use the inverse to check if this calculation is correct

51 + 23 = 74


Task 3 at 6:33: calculate 75 + 25 and then use your known facts to check your answer.


Task 4 at 9:26: calculate 54 – 28 and then use a different method to check your answer.





Task 5 at the end of the video: choose a challenge:


If you would like more support with this, please watch this support video:




If you would like to have a go at the optional extension, please watch:




Then have a look at the slides on the class page.

Resource: maths optional extension




11:45 – 12:45

Image result for pencil clipart





LO: To know the human features of Sydney (remembering/understanding)


SC1: I can state the human features of Australia

SC2: I can state the human features of Sydney

SC3: I can describe the key features of Sydney


Watch the video tutorial and complete the tasks set:




Task 1 at 0:56: Recap your prior knowledge of what human and physical features are.


Task 2 at 1:47: Complete a bubble map of the human geographical features of Australia from what you learn in the video.


Task 3 at 6:59: Using the websites to research complete a bubble map of the human geographical features of Sydney.

RESOURCES : Website addresses:


Task 4 at 10:41: Complete your reflection.


For additional support please watch this video:



Optional extension: Write a paragraph about your favourite human feature of Sydney you have researched. What about it makes it your favourite and why would you like to visit it. Use some of your persuasive techniques to convince your teacher why they might like to visit it too.





Lunchtime and playtime





1:45 – 3:00



Optional afternoon activities


Please see this video to view the different challenges you could take part in this week:


Week 1 challenges - YouTube


It is up to you how many of these challenges you do, if any. You could do all 5 challenges (1 each day) or you could select something that really interests you and do that every afternoon for the week. It’s totally up to you!


Resource: challenges week 1





See the source image

  See the source image









Story time


Watch story time with Mrs Clarke:







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