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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Wednesday 24th February 2021




8:30- 8:45 


Daily Class Teams meeting

8:45- 9:00



9:00- 9:25


Wellbeing and Rights Respecting




9:25 – 9:40



Make sure you complete 2 studio sessions and 2 sound checks before going on the garage. Feel free to challenge me!




LO: TO be able to use expanded noun phrases. (KNOW- Identify)

SC1: I can define an expanded noun phrase.

SC2: I can select the best adjectives for the greatest impact.

SC3: I can use expanded noun phrases to add detail to my writing.

Today we look at expanded noun phrases and how best to use these to add description to our writing.



Task 1- Identify the nouns on the slide. When you’ve done this, go to the following slide where I’ll remind you of nouns. Do you need to change any of your earlier choices?

Task 2 (Main task)- Creating your own expanded noun phrases to describe different characters. This task has different levels of challenge. 

Supporting resource- 24.02.2021 English adjectives. For the children accessing the green level of challenge- 24.02.2021 English support adjectives.

Task 3- Adding expanded noun phrases to the expert piece. 

Reflection- Recognise your most and least effective examples.

Extension- Apply your knowledge of imagery to create more descriptive noun phrases with different structures. 


If you are finding accessing today’s learning challenging, please watch the video below where I explain the green levels of challenges in more depth. 





Break time/snack time

11:00 – 11:45


Guided Reading

There are 2 options for guided reading, you can continue with the book and the questions that I will post below or I have found some books to read if you find this too hard. Have a look through, if you would like help with a level or a book to read a day then please email me and I will help.




LO: To be able to retrieve key information and make inferences. 

SC1: I can recognise key information within the text.

SC2: I can use the text I have read to make inferences.

SC3: I can make my own plausible predictions based on what I’ve read.





Watch the video of me reading the text.


In this chapter, we learn about Toothless’ funeral. Use the description to draw the event. You may want to label some of the characters there.

Read today’s text.


Answer the following questions. 


1.      Why did the tribe believe Toothless had died? Identify three signs.

2.     Identify 2 events which happened at Toothless’ funeral.

3.     Why what Toothless’ Viking funeral such a great honour?

4.     How was Hiccup feeling in this part of the text? Why?

Read today’s text.

Answer the following questions. Use evidence from the text in each response. 

1.    The tribe thought Toothless was dead, why?

2.    What happened at Toothless’ funeral?

3.    Why was it such a great honour for Toothless to be given a Viking funeral?

4.    How was Hiccup feeling in this part of the text?





11:45 – 12:45



LO: To be able to know different types of angles
SC1: I can understand what degrees are
SC2: I can identify shapes that use angles
SC3: I can understand the different types of angles

For this lesson we are going to be looking at our last angle. The obtuse angle. This angle is larger than a right angle (90 degrees) but smaller than a straight line (180 degrees). 

Have a look at the video introducing the concept for today. 



For this lesson, I would like you to go around your house or wherever you are and find examples of all the angels we have learned in the last couple of days. I have attached the chilli challenges to the bottom of the page. 

If you would like a step by step guide to help you then have a look at the video below…



Things to remember

  • An acute angle is less than 90 degrees. 
  • A right Angle is 90 degrees
  • An obtuse angle is between 90 and 180 degrees. 

12:45- 1:45


1:45 - 2:30


Please have a look at the challenge video for this week. 



If you would like to have a go at the challenges for this week, please find the document and the video attached on tab for this week on the class page. 

2:30- 3:00


Effective Communication



Supporting resource- 24.02.2021 Effective Communication

3:00 - 3:15

Class Reader





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