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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 25th March

Welcome to another fun day of online learning. Some of you have had problems accessing the timetable documents, so I’m trying this new layout to see if that helps.

I have included a lesson from the lovely Mrs Brocker, as your wellbeing is as important to me as your other learning. Actually, it’s more important.

I’ve tried to include some more fun learning activities too.

Have fun! x




PE with Joe Wicks (Will we reach a million?)


English (Guided reading)


Break time


Maths word problems


Lunch time




Break time


Well being from Mrs Brocker


Do whatever exercise keeps you happy. Let me know what you get up to and remember Jo Wicks will still be doing his PE lessons live if you would prefer to join in with that.


Keep reading and talking with your adults, I hear they are really enjoying it.

One of our favourite authors is reading from his books everyday. I listened yesterday and it was brilliant, so I would like you to set aside some time to listen too. Here’s the link:

David Walliams


I’ve given you some word problems linked to our division learning. Some are harder than others and will catch you out if you rush, so the key will be to check your answer and show your workings out. If you can’t do one, leave it and try the next one.

  1. 282g flour to make 6 cupcakes. How much flour is in each cupcake?
  2. 825 people enter a quiz. There are 5 people in each team. How many teams will there be?
  3. an account has £342 in it. If you spend £6 per day, after how many days will the money run out?
  4. find a sixth of 564
  5. show that 7 is a factor of 441.


Then try this challenge question:    

Always, Sometimes, Never?

A calculation involving division will have a remainder.



Tomorrow, one of my favourite scientists is having a question and answer session live. I want you to think of your best questions, linked to our topics of animals, habitats and environment or humans, and send them to him. Please keep a copy in your workbooks as we’ll be using them later. Be as imaginative as you can and let’s hope he picks one of us!

Here’s the link:


Tomorrow at 9:30am GMT I will be doing a LIVE Wildlife Chat on Facebook, Instagram AND YouTube - answering all your wildlife, biology, conservation, geography and exploration questions!! 

Whether you’re 5 or 105, post your questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them. #SteveBackshallWildlifeChat  

I’ve also set up a new YouTube channel to help suppress those isolation woes, check it out here:

Well being

Mrs Brocker has sent the lesson Y6 were going to complete next, I think this would be beneficial for the Y5’s to do the same lesson as you will be looking at happiness.

First read the text below to see 10 top tips for happier living.


Mrs Brocker wants you to write 10 sentences about how these things could bring you happiness, think about what you could do to achieve at least one of these this week. I have done some ideas for the first 3 below:

  • Giving -maybe you offer to help around the house more than you would normally?
  • Exercising- we should all be doing this every day, if you haven’t joined in with Jo Wicks this week, time to give it a go. 
  • Appreciating- have you noticed spring has sprung! Take some time to look at the daffodils and hear the birds singing.

Once you have written all ten sentences, Mrs Brocker would like you to complete a happiness shield, if you can- print out the one attached; if not-you can draw your own. Fill your shield with all the things that make you happy! Get creative!

Where possible can you please complete the above activities on separate paper to your workbook, but keep them safe so you can show it to Mrs Brocker when we are all back in school.


Have a lovely day! x

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