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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 25th November



Each day I would like you to complete all the tasks which have been set, and then at the end of the day you will need to email photos of your completed work.


Exercise: Please choose from one of the following links:

Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) – one this page there are a series of short workouts for children. Choose one or more workouts.

Cosmic yoga 


Guided Reading

L.O: To understand deeper questioning about a text

SC1: I can find evidence in a text

SC2: I can use evidence to support my answers

SC3: I can consider wider knowledge about the story to expand my answers

You will find todays text attached at the bottom of the page.

After reading today's text please answer these questions. If you struggle to read the text then ask for support from an adult and you can read this together.

  • Why do we think the story would get a little bit more dramatic each time? How did this happen?
  • Do you think being called “little dude” is an insult or compliment to August?
  • Why do you think Julian was the only one who wouldn’t treat August any better? What does this say about Julian’s character?

    What does it say about Jack and August’s characters that they “couldn’t care less”?



Over the last few days you have been using the inverse operation to check addition and subtraction number problems. Today, we will be using the same skills to help solve missing number problems. 

The process, when solving missing number problems, is very similar to the one we used when simply checking our answers. The key difference is that with a missing number problem you need to understand how a number sentence sentence is written as this will decide whether or not you will need to use the inverse.

For addition, you will always need to use the inverse to find a missing number. This is because the largest number goes at the end of the number sentence e.g.

________ + 123,455 = 456,222


266,322 + ________ = 323,452

For subtraction, however, the largest number goes at the start of the number sentence. If a the missing number is the first number then you will need to use the inverse to find the answer e.g.

________ - 145,234 = 105,650

To find this missing number (the largest number) you will need to use the inverse and add the two numbers we have e.g.

145,234 + 105,650 = ________

However, if it is the second number that is missing in a subtraction number sentence then we do not need to use the inverse operation we simply rearrange the subtraction number sentence e.g.

566,233 - ________ = 322,456


566,233 - 322,456 = ________

In this example you can see that the largest number is still at the start and it is still a subtraction.

For today's lesson there is a PowerPoint and a video to support your learning. There are questions and answers on the PowerPoint. For your extension today I want you to write, in your own words a set of instructions for finding a missing number. You will need to provide examples to support your explanation.




11:-00-11:15 Break


In today's English lesson you will be writing a conversation, between Julian and his friends, using direct speech. To help you create your conversation you may wish to read the text from this mornings lesson again. 

In guided reading we learnt that the "war" is now over and the only person who now dislikes Jack and August is Julian. 

When thinking about what to write you will need to consider and make notes about;

-how Julian felt when he found out that his friends would no longer support him in his battle against August and Jack?

-how would he respond when his friends Amos, Miles and Henry told him that they had helped protect August and Jack? 

-when Julian responded to his friends, what would the tone of the conversation have been? 

To help you with today's writing I have provided you with a video recap of how ot use direct speech and a PowerPoint which will recap the features of direct speech. There is also a word mat for words which you can use to replace the word "said".



On the very last slide of the powerpoint you will find a possible beginning to the conversation between the boys. You may choose to magpie ideas from this text or, of course, you may go in a completely different direction with your writing.

12:30-1:30 Lunch

Booster and/or Over Learning (Year Curriculum)

Today, we will be recapping geometric shapes and their features. Follow the link below to take you to a Powerpoint Presentation and there are questions and answers attached below.

Geometric Shapes


Story Time

Listen to the David Walliams hilarious story Ratbuger.

Ratburger - Part 5

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