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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 27th January




Daily zoom session

A chance to see your friends, run through the plan for the day and get ready to learn!

10 minutes +

Sensory Circuit or physical activity of your choice

15 minutes


15 minutes

Times Tables

30 – 60 minutes

Literacy – Our own Nurture book! – characters

TASK: To write a character description containing sentences about appearance and personality

LO: To be able to write sentences for a character description


Please watch the video where I explain today’s task step by step.




30 minutes


TASK: To create your own pictogram using a packet of sweets or similar. Then you can write a couple of statements about what you notice about the data shown.

LO: To understand how to create a pictogram from data you have collected.


Please watch the very short video below.



15 minutes


Please choose one of the wellbeing activities on the main Nurture page. The most recent video will be at the top – 3 relaxation techniques – flowers and candle, lemons and cat stretch

10 – 30 minutes

CBBC programmes

These can be watched on the tv at the stated times or at any time on BBC iPlayer

11.05 – Art Ninja

11.35 – Operation Ouch

30 minutes +

Indoor challenge – Get drawing!

Please can you create some illustrations to go with the first 3 pages about the adults in our nurture book – Please send to me so I can add them in. The book so far is attached below if you need a reminder of what has been described.

30 minutes +

Forest school

Please watch Miss wells video then complete the activity with your sticks.




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