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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 29th April 2020
















Hello Kingfishers,

I hope you are well and are enjoying filling buckets this week with random acts of kindness as part of challenge 4. I have loved seeing all the different ideas you have had from: listening to your parents, to giving your family hugs, to cooking meals to tidying your bedroom. For one of my random acts of kindness, I wrote a letter to tell someone how much I appreciated them. 

Your maths has been great this week, you will find the resources for today below.  

I'm really enjoying the class book The House With Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson and hope you are listening and enjoying it too. 

To contact me, email:

Have a lovely day,

Miss Stuart x 




Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.



Lesson 8 – Fractions – Converting Mixed Number Fractions to Improper Fractions

LO: To convert mixed number fractions into improper fractions

1. I can visually represent a fraction.

2. I can use multiplication when solving problems.

3. I can use my knowledge to check for errors and justify my corrections.

Yesterday, we introduced improper fractions and mixed number fractions.

We learnt that an improper fraction is where the numerator (the number of parts you have) is larger than the denominator (the number of parts the whole is split into).

E.g.   13


We also learnt that a mixed number fraction is where you have whole numbers (integers) and fractions together.

E.g. 2    3


We learnt that representing a fraction as a bar or pie chart helped us visualise and solve a problem. We used our knowledge of fractions to help convert improper fractions to mixed number fractions.


Here is a video to remind you:

Improper to Mixed Number Fractions


Today, we are looking at how to convert mixed number fractions into improper fractions.


Watch the video to help you understand the steps:

Mixed Number to Improper Fractions


Use your knowledge of converting between mixed number fractions and improper fractions to solve the problems attached at the bottom of the page

Challenge Questions

If you are confident with converting between improper and mixed fractions then try the challenge questions which you will find in today’s PowerPoint.


Break time/snack time

11:00- 12:00

Challenge 4- Random acts of kindness

Task: Please create your next mind map including these sections:

How many ideas can I think of?

Which ideas do I like best? Why?

Things to consider


The Christian value is compassion.


For more guidance please look at my example on our webpage called ‘Reflective journal example challenge 4 Wednesday 29th April’


Remember to consider your layout and presentation-aim high like you do in your learning journals at school.  I will also be doing this challenge too and keep you posted with photographs etc, don’t forget to send me your photographs of you learning your new skills as well as your journal work.  

12- 1:15



TT Rock Stars focus on studio or sound check


Challenge 1 or challenge 4

Select whether this afternoon you wish to continue with challenge 1-becoming an expert in your chosen skills or challenge 4-to do a random act of kindness.

Spend time doing challenge 1 or challenge 4

Reflect on how either you are developing your skills for challenge 1 or how your random act of kindness went (challenge 4.)

2:00- 2:20

Music-Please look at the songs on the school website under ‘curriculum’ then ‘music.’

Task: Listen to Roar by Katie Perry and start to learn it. If you already know the song, keep practising it so you feel confident. The aim is to hold a whole school summer concert.




Story time

Listen to and enjoy the story ‘The House with Chicken Legs’ by Sophie Anderson. Each day Mrs Wooliscroft, The Four Elms Year 5/6 teacher, and I will take it in turns to read a chapter of the book to you.


The story is also available on the tab on the left.

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