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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 3rd

Good morning everyone! 

We loved seeing the work you did yesterday! We hope you have a great day! 






Daily class call (should) 

Use the emailed link to join the daily call.  



Phonics (must) 

The phonics session is made up of two parts.  

The first is the speed sound session. Please select the video appropriate to your child’s level (this was emailed to you): 


Set 1: (n)





Set 2: (or)





Set 3: (aw)




Log into the Oxford Owl website and find the correct coloured book for your child. Your child should read the book 3 times before moving on, so that they become increasingly confident.  

Oxford owl:   


You can also access books here where you can log in for and access books free for 30 days. 


If you are in guided reading, we are starting a new book called ‘The Worst Witch’ by Jill Murphy, please read the next chapter and answer the questions in full sentences.  We look forward to reading your answers 


Learning break (could) 

Use this time to have a short learning break.  

You could follow one of these videos: 


Maths (must) 

LO: to understand arrays (understanding). 

SC1: I know that arrays are when we use rows and columns to show equal groups.  

SC2: I can use manipulatives to make arrays.  

SC3: I can count arrays to find out how many there are altogether.  


Watch this video tutorial:







Green chilli challenge (mild): Make and finish the arrays. How many are there altogether? (at 13:52 minutes in video). 

Watch the green chilli task tutorial:





Orange chilli challenge (hot): Use manipulatives make the arrays and work out how many there are altogether (at 14:23 minutes in video).  


Red chilli challenge (spicy): How many different arrays can you make for the number 20? Write a number sentence to go with each one (at 14:49 minutes in video). 


Key words: group, equal, repeated, addition, array, lots of.   




Effective communication 

Watch this video:





The please watch this video:






English (must) 

LO: to plan a formal letter 

SC1: I can list what I need to include in my formal letter. 

SC2: I can list facts I want to include. 

SC3: I can plan in additional features. 


Watch the lesson video:





Why is it bad for the sea animals:  


What can we do to help the animals:  



Green chilli challenge (mild): Create a plan for my formal letter. 

Green chilli challenge tutorial:





Orange chilli challenge (hot): Create a plan for my formal letter. 


Red chilli challenge (spicy): Create a plan for my formal letter including an introduction and conclusion. 

Red chilli challenge tutorial:





Reflection: remember to do your reflection.  


Key words: letter, formal, informal, campaign, address, salutation, ending, greeting, persuade. 




Wellbeing (could) 

Watch today’s wellbeing session: 





Project (could) 

Watch this video to find out about this week’s challenges:  




Wednesday’s challenge: 

Make your favourite book character! 

Make your favourite book character out of a potato or a wooden spoon. How creative can you be with the materials you have at home?