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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 3rd


8:45 Time for our zoom call to catch up with each other and go through the days learning.

9:00 Getting ready for learning

If you have lots of energy, choose the activity from your year group.

If you want something calmer, put 2 soft toys or cushions on your floor and walk figure of 8's around them.


Read from the middle of your book to the end.

Speed sounds: oy toy for a boy.  Today write down some words that you can think of with oy in them.  Write some alien words too!  I thought of Roy, annoy and toy.  My alien words were shoy, scoy and groy! Read your words to an adult when you are done.

Getting ready for maths

As an adult for some coins or make some. You just need a bit of paper, cut out some circles and write 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20 p.  Make about 5 of each.  

Do not make coins that we don't have - for instance, we don't have a 3p or a 4p!

Can you think of 3 different ways to make 6p?

Can you think of 2 different ways to make 3p?

Can you think of 3 different ways to make 8p?


We are going to read half of The Great Pet Sale and use our money while we do so.






Task: To create the first part of a fact file to put up in our Nurture cloakroom

Please watch the video and then fill in the top sections of the 'about me factfile' document' attached at the bottom of the timetable.







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