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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 3rd February




Daily zoom session

A chance to see your friends, run through the plan for the day and get ready to learn!

10 minutes +

Sensory Circuit or physical activity of your choice


15 minutes


Complete the RWI or guided reading session that you have been allocated. Please contact me if you are unsure or would like to discuss reading.

15 minutes

Mini Maths – TT Rockstars or times table activity of your choice

30 – 45 minutes

Literacy – Pre-teaching Vocabulary for our project

TASK: To carry out activities for 3 words from our project that we will be learning tomorrow.

LO: To understand and remember words

Please watch the following video and join in with the activities for the following words:




30 – 45 minutes

Forest School – natural art

Please watch Miss Well’s video for your activity this week.



20 minutes +

Wellbeing/indoor challenge

Please watch the following 2 videos for indoor activities you might like to try to improve your mental wellbeing.

- Scrapbooking

- Staying connected






20 minutes +

KS2 challenge from Mr Cook - Motivational Message

The current lockdown has been a difficult time for everyone. So, to help in a small way and to put a smile on your faces we thought that it would be nice to put together a video for all the children at Seal Primary school. For this video, we want every child in KS2 to create a motivational poster (I have attached some examples below). These posters should send messages of support, hope and they can wish everyone well. Once we have received all the messages we will put them into a music video.

We would like you to take your time over your posters and to show great pride in your work. Make your posters bold and colourful and you can use an art media of your choice, from pencil to paint to collage. We would recommend that you first plan your ideas before eventually creating your final piece of work.

IMPORTANT: When taking a picture of your work you must check that the image is clear and that we can read your message. Please do not show a photographic image of yourself in the picture. If you do, we will not be able to use your artwork.


10 minutes

Collective Worship




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