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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Good morning Woodpeckers,

How are you today? 

Please see below for the learning and resources for today. Remember to watch the tutorials and read through the checklist to help you. 

Once completed please send me your work daily so I can see how well you have done, give you feedback and celebrate your work on our class page. 


Miss Barnes and I are looking forward to seeing you at 8:45am for our daily zoom chat. 


Have a lovely day,

Miss Stuart 




Exercise-Please do the live online Joe Wicks workout (on you-tube) or an exercise of your choice.


Maths-direct proportion

L.O: To understand direct proportion (know: understanding)

success criteria:

1) I understand what direct proportion means

2) I understand how to find the direct proportion of quantities

3) I understand how I can use my multiplication and division skills to find proportion


L.O: To show my understanding of direct proportion (show: applying)

success criteria:

1) I can find the direct proportion of quantities by using my multiplication and division skills

2) I can use direct proportion to solve problems

3) I can explain to others how to find the direct proportion of quantities


Today you are going to learn about direct proportion.


  • ·Watch the review tutorial on direct proportion



  • ·Complete recipe challenge 1, recipe challenge 2 or recipe challenge 3 

Challenge 3 is the hardest. 

The answers are provided so please self-mark and let me know how you did

  • · Write your evaluate comment linked to the success criteria above.







L.O: To understand the features of a newspaper article (know: understanding)

      Success criteria:

  1. I can understand how the orientation is formed
  2. I can understand how to form a quote
  3. I understand the correct level of formality to use


L.O: To show my understanding of the features of a newspaper article

(show: applying)

      Success criteria:

  1. I can show how the orientation is formed
  2. I can demonstrate how to write a relevant quote
  3. I can use the correct level of formality


Task: Today you are going to turn Roald Amundsen’s polar expedition into a newspaper article. Imagine you are writing your newspaper story at the time (December 1911) and you are reporting on the fact he is the first person to reach the South Pole, remember this was a phenomenal achievement and should be reported as such. 


Read/listen to the text '14th December 1911 newspaper article text'



Answer the following questions:

How many years after Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole was this newspaper article written?

Summarise the second paragraph (that starts ‘It was to take…’) in your own words.

What was the purpose of including two extracts from a newspaper taken at the time?

Is it useful to have a quote from Amundsen in the newspaper article? Explain your reasoning.


  • Watch the tutorial on writing a newspaper article



  • Read the detailed checklist-use this to help you
  • Write your detailed newspaper article-you can include a drawing/photograph if you wish with a caption.
  • Evaluate your newspaper article linked to the success criteria.





LO- To understand how to programme using scratch

Success criteria

  1. I can draw a background using blocks to make a more complex maze
  2. I can program consequences for specific actions
  3. I can create code to move between 2 backdrops


Open the maze game that you created in yesterday’s session. If you cannot find it, quickly recreate this if you can.

Now watch my tutorial to understand how to create another level for your maze

game. You can watch the tutorial the whole way through or pause when suggested

and work alongside the video.



I have added the coding used for the game as a resource to download if you need

some extra help.


  1. Design a backdrop with more complex obstacles and an exit
  2. Create the code so that once the sprite reaches the exit of the first backdrop
  3. it will move to the second backdrop (next level)
  4. Programme the sprite to be in a particular starting position for when you press the green flag
  5. Save your game


Extension: How many levels can you make? Can you add another obstacle rather

than just the maze. Will the sprite always start in the same place? Will the green

exit always be in the same place?






Watch the video from Mrs Smith



















Effective communication with Miss Coleman






Story time




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