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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Wednesday 6 January


Reading: Oxford Owl have made available the e-books relevant to your RWI level.  You will need to create a login first so please visit:


Once you have confirmed your login on your email, it will direct you to a page that says: Find a Book. 


Please click on that and follow the directions.

Rex – green books

Charlie – orange books

Olly – Grey


Day 1: Use the audio button and look at the words while you listen.

Day 2: Read the book – if you find it a bit long then read half.  If you get stuck on a word, use the audio button.

Day 3: Read the rest of the book if you only read half or read the whole book.

Day 4: Read the whole book – try to read fluently.

Day 5: Read the whole book and then answer the questions at the back.


Upload the book that you have read each week so we can keep a record of your reading.



9:00 – 9:20

RWI reading.  Please let me know if you have trouble finding your e -book online.

9: 20 – 9:35

Getting ready for maths

R – counting to 30 Jack Hartman (YouTube), counting backwards from 20, counting in 10’s to 100

C – counting in 2’s to 30, counting backwards in ones from 100

  • 2 times table

O – Counting in 2’s to 36, 2 times table, Rock Stars (Username olisea – do you remember your password? Let me know if you have forgotten it.)

9:35 – 10: 30



3 D shapes

SC1) I can define what a cylinder is

SC2) I can find cylinders in a real-life setting

SC3) I can use a net to make a cylinder and discuss it's properties.

Look around your house and see if you can find some cylinders – I found one in the kitchen and one in my pencil bag!



See how many you can find.  Take a photo and upload it or draw some.

I have attached a net for a cylinder.  Can you recognise the 2D shapes in the net?

Look at the net and then make your own (you can ask an adult for some help.) Make sure that you use straight lines for the part that is a rectangle and good round circles.  Don't forget tabs so you can glue the cylinder together.

10:30 – 11:00

Snack, walk outside, choosing such as Lego or drawing

11:00 – 11:15


How many words can you make with ‘all’?

Olly and Charlie you can also add suffixes like s, ed, ing, er, est

taller, calling

Once you have made your list, say them over and over then take another page and see how many you can remember.

11:15 – 12:00

We are going to make a mind map of all we already know about a robin.  

Draw a picture of a robin in the middle of your page.  Try to use the same colours as a real robin.

Now mind map all you already know – don’t do any research yet. This means don’t ask anyone else for information or look up anything.  I want you to see how much you already know.


Things to think about:

  • What covers the robin
  • What is a robin
  • How does it move
  • Where does it live
  • What does it eat
  • About how big it is

If you are unsure of a fact, put a question mark next to it.

12:00 – 1:15








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