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Seal Church Of England Primary School

Seal Church Of England Primary School

Week 4 - January 2021

9:00 am Time for our zoom call to catch up with each other and go through the days learning.

Getting ready for learning:  Rex choose something from Foxes website.

Olly and Charlie:  heel toe walking across the room and back. 


RWI reading. This week you are going to read the SAME ebook every day.

 Today – follow the words on the audio as they are read.

RWI Speed sounds

 Rex – try set 2 today igh

 Charlie and Olly  - set 3  ew

9: 20 – 9:35

Getting ready for maths

R – Count to 100 in tens

C – count backwards in 1’s from 40

O – count in 7’s to 84.  7 times table Hit the Button. What's your score? 

9:35 – 10: 30



Rex: facts of 10

 Look at the attachment at the bottom of this page.






Facts of 20

Today you are going to make + sums using your cherry bubbles or a 20 frame.

I have made a start for you:

0 + 20 = 20

1 + 19 = 20

When you have used all your cherry bubbles, go to Top Marks Hit the Button.

Green button – number bonds

Up to 20

Make 20.

Use your + sums to help you find the answers. 

Olly:  Formal methods with 7 x